CCNO to continue substance abuse services

Intense substance abuse educational services will continue for offenders sentenced from participating counties following Wednesday’s meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio in Stryker.

Board members discussed funding changes for the newly-created regional diversion program (RDP) that provides more intense substance abuse treatment for low-level, non-violent fourth- and fifth-degree felons. The program began earlier in the year with a state grant. That funding ends Sept. 1 but some counties expressed interest in having offenders continue in the treatment program. The counties applied for grants to divert only felony-five offenders but didn’t commit to additional beds.

Board members agreed to continue with their current bed allocation numbers Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. The decision was necessary with the loss of state funding for 88 beds that had provided additional revenue to house fourth- and fifth-degree felons at CCNO as a prison diversion program.

Defiance County will remain with 60 beds; Fulton and Williams counties each stand at 55 beds; Henry County at 37; and Lucas County at 323 beds, for a total of 530. CCNO also has 10 beds reserved for the U.S. Marshals as well as 40 beds reserved for post release control offenders through the ODRC.

Members unanimously agreed that those counties using the RDP programming will be billed separately for participating offenders Sept. 1 thru Dec. 31. The board agreed it will later consider beds for the program in the near future.

In other business, members voted to name Henry County Commissioner Bob Hastedt as board chairman and Williams County Commissioner Brian Davis at vice chairman.

Members approved the replacement of two steam kettles in the kitchen at a cost of $32,691. A tractor mower with a bucket will also be replaced, at a cost of $22,464. Capital improvement dollars will finance the costs.

Members met in executive session for 10 minutes to discuss pending litigation. No action was taken.

Staff report