Golf simulator available at Valleywood Golf Club in Swanton

By Max Householder - [email protected]

Whether it be used for competition purposes, to work on one’s golf game, or for good old-fashioned fun, area golfers can come to Valleywood Golf Club in Swanton to utilize their golf simulator.

Called E6, the simulator has been available at Valleywood since January of 2016.

Its main purpose is to help golfers fine tune their game prior to stepping onto the course. The program also comes in handy for a course like Valleywood that doesn’t have a driving range.

This year, Valleywood General Manager Terry Gaylord says they have included four hours of simulator use with a person’s membership to the club.

Therefore, if a member wants to go out on the course, he or she can use the simulator to warm up. If golfing with a group, the other people can also partake and the time would come off the member’s simulator time.

The simulator tracks approximately how far the ball would travel on the course, and how many degrees to the right or left if the shot is not straight. It also monitors the face of the club before and after contact, distance the ball traveled in the air, swing speed and ball speed.

Golf instructors find it a very helpful tool to use for teaching their students.

Valleywood has an instructor that uses the simulator for lessons who refers to it as consulting.

“In just a half hour, it was amazing what he did to this guy’s swing,” said Gaylord, general manager of the club since 2007. “He was hitting it straight and further. I thought maybe I ought to consult with this guy to help my game out.”

The simulator is not just exclusive to club members. It is in fact open to the public.

Gaylord has one customer who only comes in to use the simulator, having never played an actual course.

He also has a group that uses the program to play scrambles. Both projectors are needed for this as a group of four is assigned to each one.

Another popular feature of the simulator is the boost option, which can be used to add distance to someone’s shot who normally doesn’t hit it as far. This is common among the groups that come in to play scrambles on the machine, as it makes the game more fair.

A person can also put in their golf handicap and the system will adjust accordingly.

According to Gaylord, once people have used the simulator multiple times, their scores become closer to how they would be on the course.

It is best to take advantage of this opportunity now during the winter.

By Max Householder

[email protected]

Reach Max Householder at 419-335-2010

Reach Max Householder at 419-335-2010