Horseshoe tournament winners

Staff Report

The Fulton County Fair is a time in which many in the area test out their skills at horseshoes.

Winning the Fulton County Class A competition was John Winzeler with Scot Lovin finishing second. Ron Koepitz III won the Class B competition while Steve Myer was second. In Class C, Bill Savage was first and Ed Robinson second.

The Labor Day Open was also held last week. Marlene Cooper, a state champion in Ohio, won the class A competiton with Mark Wampler taking second.

In Class B, Bill Osterhout beat out Paul Rohrs. Also, Myer beat out Koepitz III in Class C and Ed Fickle took down Nick Lover in Class D.

Devin Blosser was first and Derrick Blosser second in the boys youth tournament. Dakota Blosser won the girls youth tournament while Madison Baughman finished second.

Staff Report