Wauseon swimming, diving teams dominate at district meet

The Wauseon swimming and diving teams had a strong showing this past week at the Division II district meet as out of their 17 swimmers and divers, they will be sending eight swimmers and a pair of divers onto the state meet in Canton next week.

The diving meet took place on Wednesday on the campus of Bowling Green State University, while the swim meet was held on Friday at BGSU.

Overall, the boys team that consists of swimmers Nick Dilworth, Austin Schuette, Ryan Scherer, Seth Hutchison, Lukas Dominique, Kyle Vernot, Mac Warncke, and Christian Suarez, as well as diver Tony Schweinhagen – finished in 5th place. The girls team that is made up of swimmers Sydney Darnell, McKenzie Darnell, Kasey Darnell, Alexis Meyer, and Kate Precht; swimmers/divers Alexys Carteaux and Amanda Stuzman; and diver Patience Bachman – was district runner-up. To top off the evening, Tony Schuette was named the Division II Girls Coach of the Year.

In the 200 yard freestyle for the girls, McKenzie Darnell placed third and Kasey Darnell placed fifth. For the boys, Dilworth placed second and Austin Schuette placed sixth. In the 200 yard IM, Sydney Darnell was the district champion and beat her previous school record with a time of 2:08.3, while Scherer placed fourth in the boys 200 yard IM and set a new school record at 2:06.02.

In the 100 butterfly, Sydney Darnell finished third. McKenzie Darnell was second in the 100 freestyle, setting a new school record with a 52.98.

In the 500 freestyle for the girls, Kasey Darnell placed fifth while Meyer finished eighth. For the boys, Dilworth and Austin Schuette finished first and second respectively, setting a new school record at 4:44.15.

In the relays, the girls 200 and 400 freestyle relay team consisting of McKenzie Darnell, Meyer, Kasey Darnell, and Sydney Darnell captured the district championship, setting new school records in both events with a 1:39.68 in the 200 relay and 3:39.10 in the 400 relay.

The boys 200 freestyle relay team of Seth Hutchison, Scherer, Dilworth and Austin Schuette finished sixth, and the same group finished fifth in the 400 freestyle relay.

In diving, Bachman finished fourth and Schweinhagen finished eighth. Schweinhagen set a new school dive record with a score of 382.5.

Bachman and Schweinhagen will move on to the state diving meet coming up this week, while eight swimmers will be moving onto state as well.

Sydney Darnell will be competing in the 200 IM, 100 butterfly, and the two relays. McKenzie Darnell will swim the 100 freestyle and both relays.

Kasey Darnell will compete in the 500 freestyle and two relays. Meyer will also be swimming in the two relays.

Dilworth will be going to state in the 200 and 500 freestyle and the 400 freestyle relay. Austin Schuette will swim in the 500 freestyle and the 400 freestyle relay.

Hutchison and Scherer will also compete in a leg of the 400 freestyle relay.