Returning athletes a strength for Wauseon football

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The 2019 Wauseon football team.

The 2019 Wauseon football team.

Max Householder | Fulton County Expositor

Shawn Moore

Max Householder | Fulton County Expositor

2019 Roster
1Tyson Britsch11WR/LB
2Connar Penrod11WR/DB
3Davon Ramos12WR/DB
4Riley Sluder12WR/DB
5Kolton DeGroff11WR/DB
6Logyn Batdorf10WR/DB
7Reece Nation9WR/LB
8Jude Armstrong9WR/DB
9Jonas Tester10WR/DB
10John Martinez10WR/DB
11Thomas Leahy12RB/LB
12Noah Tester12WR/DB
13Brady Thomas11QB/DB
14Cody Figy12QB/LB
15Andrew Figgins11RB/LB
16Hudson Hull9WR/DB
17Ethan Borton9WR/DB
18Noah Sauber11WR/DB
19Landon Hines9QB/LB
21Ben Ehrsam10RB/LB
22Krue Powers10WR/DB
23Samuel Blanco11WR/LB
24Sean Brock12WR/LB
25Colton Sluder10WR/DB
26Gavyn Dunn12WR/LB
27Avery Coronado9WR/DB
28Sam Smith9WR/DB
29Justin Duncan9RB/LB
30Keaton Hartsock9WR/DB
31Isaiah Bourn9WR/LB
32Teren Garcia10RB/LB
33Logan Carroll9RB/LB
34Zaidan Kessler9QB/DB
35Austin Aeschliman9WR/DB
42Larry Moreno9WR/DB
43Isaac Wilson11RB/DB
44Bryson Stump10RB/LB
45Michael Kretz9WR/DB
50Matthew Shaw10OL/DL
51Chance Snow9OL/DL
52Alex Moore12OL/LB
53Hunter Nofziger11OL/DL
54Zeph Siefker9OL/DL
55Cooper Lane11OL/DL
56Ian Fruchey10OL/DL
57Jon Spurgeon9OL/DL
58Jack Shema11OL/DL
59Cameron Stevens10OL/DL
60Wes Spadafore12OL/DL
61Alden Leininger9OL/DL
62Holden Serres12OL/DL
63Deacon Laney10OL/DL
64Trent Sauber12OL/DL
65Tucker Dulaney10OL/DL
67James Schwartz9OL/DL
68Kyle Moore10OL/DL
70Chase Santiago10OL/DL
71Ethan Kessler11OL/DL
72Sammy Sosa12OL/DL
73Kane Panico9OL/DL
74Garrett Brown10OL/DL
75Andrew Perez11OL/DL
77Jaden Banister11OL/DL
78Demarceano Vina9OL/DL
79Gabriel Jasso9OL/DL

Wauseon football will likely undergo some transition this season under first-year coach Shawn Moore, a Wauseon alum and longtime coach within the program. Nevertheless, Moore does have some athletes returning.

The offense will be somewhat different from what the Indians ran under previous coach Travis Cooper. They will utilize four to five receivers on each play and not have a tight end. Moore also said there won’t be as many pre-snap motions like previous years.

Leading the way on offense is senior quarterback Cody Figy. “He’s been working hard all offseason. Lifting and throwing with all the guys. Being a leader, making sure everybody’s coming to things,” said Moore. “So far in practice, he’s been looking really good. He’s making all the right throws and competing at a high level right now for us.”

As the Indians look to spread things out more this season, Figy will have many options to choose from.

Returning are Noah Tester, Sean Brock (honorable mention All-Northwest Ohio Athletic League), Connar Penrod (honorable mention all-league), Jonas Tester and Tyson Britsch. Davon Ramos will also see time on the outside for the Wauseon offense.

“We’ve got a lot of kids that can catch the ball,” stated Moore of his receivers. “So we are going to be looking to get them the ball in space. Allow them to make some moves and hopefully get some good yards for us.”

Penrod, who began the 2018 season at quarterback, will be sort of a do-it-all type of player. “He’s gonna be out there at wide receiver. He’s definitely taken some reps at quarterback for us. He can do a lot of different things. We’ll move him around the ball on the field, wherever we feel he’s gonna help us the most,” said Moore.

Isaac Wilson and Thomas Leahy will rotate at running back for the Indians. Having multiple skill position players back should help Moore when calling plays this season.

“We’ve got a little bit of depth there. So we can rotate guys – keep them fresh,” he said. “Just knowing that, hopefully we can just flick it out to those guys and let their athleticism take care of the rest for us.”

The Indians have the potential to be good on the defensive side, returning most of the back-end of their defense.

“Defensively our strength will be our defensive backs. We’ve got a couple of good linebackers (Wilson and Britsch) in there (also),” said Moore. “All those guys in the defensive backfield coming back with Connar, and Noah, and Jonas back there, is gonna be a huge benefit. Davon Ramos, a senior, playing this year, is really quick and fast. He’ll be out there. So those guys will be the leaders.”

Noah Tester made first team all-league defense and second team all-district in 2018, while Wilson was second team all-league defense and honorable mention all-district.

But, Wauseon will have some holes to fill with players graduating on both sides of the ball.

The most impactful loss is likely that of Trevor Rodriguez who was first team all-league defense and second team all-league offense, along with being first team all-district defense and special mention All-Ohio. Furthermore, Joey Shema was first team all-league and all-district as a specialist, and special mention All-Ohio.

Also gone is Miguel Gomez who was second team all-league defense and honorable mention all-district, as well as Xavier Torres, Zeb Smith, Garrett Demaline, Sam Frank, Jaiden Falke and Zac Carroll who were each honorable mention all-league.

Wauseon opens the season on the road at Fairview Friday night. They finish the non-league slate at home against Tinora Sept. 6 and at Napoleon on Sept. 13. In week four, the Indians welcome Bryan to begin the league season.

This week’s game will tell a lot about Wauseon’s playoff chances. Fairview is coming off a 9-4 2018 campaign where they were regional runners-up in Division VI, Region 22. They also have Wauseon’s former coach, Cooper, on Doug Rakes’ staff.

“It’s a trophy game for us so it’s always been a big game. You always want to start off the season on the right foot,” said Moore of the matchup. “And so those things with them, having a really good year last year and making that run in the playoffs. They’ve got a lot of guys coming back. We want to go out there and prove ourselves. That’s gonna be one of the biggest tests of the year.”

The 2019 Wauseon football team. 2019 Wauseon football team. Max Householder | Fulton County Expositor

Shawn Moore Moore Max Householder | Fulton County Expositor

By Max Householder

2019 Roster
No. Name Grade Position
1 Tyson Britsch 11 WR/LB
2 Connar Penrod 11 WR/DB
3 Davon Ramos 12 WR/DB
4 Riley Sluder 12 WR/DB
5 Kolton DeGroff 11 WR/DB
6 Logyn Batdorf 10 WR/DB
7 Reece Nation 9 WR/LB
8 Jude Armstrong 9 WR/DB
9 Jonas Tester 10 WR/DB
10 John Martinez 10 WR/DB
11 Thomas Leahy 12 RB/LB
12 Noah Tester 12 WR/DB
13 Brady Thomas 11 QB/DB
14 Cody Figy 12 QB/LB
15 Andrew Figgins 11 RB/LB
16 Hudson Hull 9 WR/DB
17 Ethan Borton 9 WR/DB
18 Noah Sauber 11 WR/DB
19 Landon Hines 9 QB/LB
21 Ben Ehrsam 10 RB/LB
22 Krue Powers 10 WR/DB
23 Samuel Blanco 11 WR/LB
24 Sean Brock 12 WR/LB
25 Colton Sluder 10 WR/DB
26 Gavyn Dunn 12 WR/LB
27 Avery Coronado 9 WR/DB
28 Sam Smith 9 WR/DB
29 Justin Duncan 9 RB/LB
30 Keaton Hartsock 9 WR/DB
31 Isaiah Bourn 9 WR/LB
32 Teren Garcia 10 RB/LB
33 Logan Carroll 9 RB/LB
34 Zaidan Kessler 9 QB/DB
35 Austin Aeschliman 9 WR/DB
42 Larry Moreno 9 WR/DB
43 Isaac Wilson 11 RB/DB
44 Bryson Stump 10 RB/LB
45 Michael Kretz 9 WR/DB
50 Matthew Shaw 10 OL/DL
51 Chance Snow 9 OL/DL
52 Alex Moore 12 OL/LB
53 Hunter Nofziger 11 OL/DL
54 Zeph Siefker 9 OL/DL
55 Cooper Lane 11 OL/DL
56 Ian Fruchey 10 OL/DL
57 Jon Spurgeon 9 OL/DL
58 Jack Shema 11 OL/DL
59 Cameron Stevens 10 OL/DL
60 Wes Spadafore 12 OL/DL
61 Alden Leininger 9 OL/DL
62 Holden Serres 12 OL/DL
63 Deacon Laney 10 OL/DL
64 Trent Sauber 12 OL/DL
65 Tucker Dulaney 10 OL/DL
67 James Schwartz 9 OL/DL
68 Kyle Moore 10 OL/DL
70 Chase Santiago 10 OL/DL
71 Ethan Kessler 11 OL/DL
72 Sammy Sosa 12 OL/DL
73 Kane Panico 9 OL/DL
74 Garrett Brown 10 OL/DL
75 Andrew Perez 11 OL/DL
77 Jaden Banister 11 OL/DL
78 Demarceano Vina 9 OL/DL
79 Gabriel Jasso 9 OL/DL

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Reach Max Householder at 419-335-2010