Your View

Your recent article, “FERC give NEXUS go ahead,” has an incorrect statement:

“Fulton County Commissioner Bill Rufenacht also wasn’t surprised to hear the NEXUS pipeline was approved. ‘We’ve known from day one that we have no influence whatsoever on FERC,’ he said.”

The comment from Fulton County Commissioner Mr. Rufenencht is completely wrong. Members of Neighbors Against Nexus (NAN) did get a reroute around what’s left of the core sensitive Oak Openings area in early 2015. We were the first of three reroutes that were successful on the 256 mile pipeline. We were the first NEXUS pipeline opposition group in the area to realize the threat early on. We still see no need for this export pipeline on the current route, taking private property for others private gain with no public need.

I want to thank core members of NAN for their successful reroute. Key members were Trustee Rick Kazierczak, Martha Mora, Liz Athaide-Victor, Laura Cole, Att. Terry Lodge, Jack Regan, Paul Wohlfarth and our many other unnamed community volunteers who took the time to protect this sensitive area for future generations. Political support above the township level was non exsistent.

Paul Wohlfarth

Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Locals did have impact on FERC