Letter to the editor

Let the people decide

Thank you, Paul Wohlfarth, for your Aug. 3 letter to the editor raising awareness about the hazards of pipelines and the Waterville compressor station, and for pointing out that we cannot rely upon our judicial system to do what’s right for the people. Experience indicates that the same could be said for our legislative and regulatory systems as well.

Also, thanks to the folks of Fulton County who continue to face pipeline injustice every day. If Ohioans don’t want harmful projects like pipelines and compressor stations destroying our lives and livelihoods, then we have the right and duty under the Ohio Constitution to change the law so it works to protect our health, safety, and welfare – so that it protects the rights of natural persons instead of favoring the harmful, privately profitable practices of out-of-state corporations.

Through the initiative process, Fulton County residents have requested that a county charter/community bill of rights be put on their November 2015 ballot. It would give residents who would be forced to pay the price of large scale transmission pipelines coming through their communities a voice in whether or not they want to allow them.

However, this idea of democracy– of allowing people to vote for protection– is unfavorable to some local citizens. On July 29, 2015, three Fulton County individuals signed and filed a protest with Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted against our right to protect ourselves through the voting process. What are they afraid of? Why are they opposed to people being able to vote on an issue brought to the ballot by residents of the county? Could someone be guiding their protest–possibly persons who don’t live in Fulton County?

It is important that Husted hears from us now. Write to him at [email protected], put in the subject line “Opposing Fulton County ballot protests,” and request that he uphold our constitutional right to vote on an issue brought forth by the people of Ohio.

Let the people vote. Let the people decide whether or not they want a charter.

Lisa Kochheiser

Bowling Green

Let the people decide