Some tax relief coming fortownship property owners

The Wauseon Union Cemetery’s board members want to thank voters for supporting the cemetery’s mill levy. Its passage, earlier in May, offers rare news for Clinton Township taxpayers: the cemetery board will not — repeat not — be asking for the renewal of a second operating and maintenance levy (due next year).

We recognize that taxpayer dollars are earned through the sweat and toil of our hardworking citizens. We respect and appreciate the sacrifices you approved to support cemeteries.

While constantly pursuing ambitious standards for the appearance of your cemetery, this special levy – used for equipment, construction of a storage building, and expanded parking lot — has accomplished its goals and is no longer needed.

Historically, the cemetery board and superintendent has always tried to make financial decisions premised upon the belief that not wasting taxpayers’ money is the best way to save money. How the board plans its annual budget is a serious matter. The board and the cemetery’s sexton understand every penny saved adds up.

Shane Chamberlin, representing The City of Wauseon

Rick Frey, representing Clinton Township

Bob Krumm, trustee-at-large