If Issue 4 fails, what do we tell students?

Yes, Issue 4 in Wauseon is not just a school issue. It is much more than that. If it fails it will have a very specific impact on the schools as clearly outlined by the school administration. If it fails it will have very subtle but specific impact on the community as others have shared as well, mainly negative economic growth. Who would want to move here? And, if it fails it will send a very concrete message to our students, most likely unintended, that our adult community does not care about them. That will be the immediate and most hurtful impact of the vote, that our young people don’t matter! Regardless of why people vote no, that will be a clear message sent to our young people that as adult voters we don’t care about them. They will feel it and remember it. If you are among those campaigning against the levy and your school age children know it, and the levy fails, you will have to deal with your children and their friends and explain why. Why the buses won’t pick them up anymore. Why there are no more concerts and plays. Why there are no more sports and clubs. Why class sizes have gone up. Why their favorite teacher was terminated. Why Mom? Why Dad?

Funding the schools is the responsibility of local citizens. Government funding continues going down. As citizens are we going to fund our schools or let them fall into financial crisis? So who is the scapegoat in this situation? What I am hearing, it is the teachers. Teachers paid too much you say? Teachers should take a pay freeze or take a pay cut you say? Coaches should coach for free you say? It won’t matter if we become the lowest paying school district in the area you say? The reputation of our schools doesn’t mean anything you say? What legacy will we be creating and leaving our children if the levy fails?

Steve Webster