Big decision this November

Fifty-six years ago I served in the U.S. Army because I am proud to be an American, the freedoms and democracy that this country stands for and I wanted to help protect my country from all enemies. Through my 77 years we have had both Republican and Democrat presidents and although we did not always agree on the decisions made, we remained civil and accepted the decisions. Regardless of which party was in office, we all understood that our main goals were to build this county up and to provide a better future for everyone!

So what happened?

Our cities are now burning, businesses destroyed, police officers and citizens assaulted and killed in the streets, monuments being torn down, police cars being destroyed. Many politicians say this is OK because this is simply protesting (which is their right). Rapists and other violent offenders being released from prison and many cities are protecting illegals from being arrested and deported. The same politicians want to take away our rights to own guns to protect our communities.

This election is the most important election in this countries history. This election is not about Trump vs. Biden, Republican vs. Democrat. This election is about democracy vs. socialism. Many men and women died for our freedoms. Freedom to live where we want, work or start a business, worship where we want, own cars or trucks, eat where we want, travel and the freedom to get a good nights sleep without hearing gunshots in our neighborhoods! But we are watching the greatest country in the world being destroyed from within. We have a big decision to make this November.

I’m writing this letter because I must stand up for my grandchildrens future. Will you join me?

Elwyn Bates