Letter to the Editor

Health levy will serve many

I am writing this in support of the health levy on the ballot for Nov. 3. It is especially important that this levy pass for the Fulton County Health Department to continue to provide the services that so many Fulton County citizens use.

The Health Department does not receive any county funds for operations. The tax levy is its sole source of local funding. Additional funding that was previously received from the state has dropped dramatically in the last few years. Federal grants have been cut as well, and some have been eliminated. The Board of Health and Health Department management have done an excellent job of meeting these economic challenges. No services have ever been cut, even though they now work with fewer personnel due to retirements and attrition.

This .5-mill increase will enable the Health Department to maintain current services and add personnel and programming to meet current and future needs of our citizens in the areas of disease investigation and prevention, restaurant and pool inspection, WIC, women’s and men’s health services, parent education, car seats, and youth programs such as HC3.

As a retired employee of the Health Department, I have the utmost respect for the professionalism of the staff and board. The staff works very hard to make sure the people of Fulton County are protected. Please support them as they continue to meet the needs of our residents.

Dee Jackson, RN


Health levy will serve many