New Delta signs not needed

Delta is a wonderful family and farming community. My ancestors settled here before it was incorporated in 1863. I find the clean streets and flowering gardens a welcoming sign of a friendly Ohio community. It is a community that does not need nor should encourage more corporate big business.

I was stunned upon a return trip from the south to see a hideous flashing sign posted at each end of Main Street. It is blinding at night (the one at the west end is not visible until you are upon it). I understand that taxpayer money did not pay for it, but neither was Delta citizens consulted if such a gross sign was necessary.

The promo sign and its sponsors do not add character or appeal to Delta’s home town atmosphere, but invite other businesses to follow a lead. Can you imagine if 10 more signs were to appear along Main Street?

If the Chamber of Commerce wanted to do something grand for Delta, invest in more flowers and cleaning up the litter brought by outside traffic. The former posted sign was just fine.

Michael Stevenson