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Energy Star program should be continued

It has come to my attention that Congress is discussing budget cuts that would affect the Energy Star program. While I am fully in favor of cutting the waste in governmental programs, we do need to carefully consider continuing programs which are efficiently accomplishing their objectives. The Energy Star program seems to be one such item.

Created in 1992, the Energy Star program was designed to help consumers identify items that made efficient use of our energy resources. Today, the blue Energy Star label is identified by 90 percent of consumers. It helps them pick appliances that are energy efficient. In 2015, almost half of American households purchased at least one Energy Star labeled item. These items have saved American households and businesses about 430 billion dollars in energy cost from it’s creation in 1992 through 2015. As of 2015, these units have reduced emission of greenhouse gases by about 2.7 billion metric tons.

We need to cut where it makes sense to do so. Congress, however, also needs to preserve programs that are working well for American consumers. The Energy Star program is a very tiny piece of our budget. It is working effectively and efficiently. Congress would be foolish not to refund this program.

John F. Weber


Energy Star program should be continued