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Stand up for American farmers

While the NAFTA renegotiations continue, our American delegation cannot forget about our farmers. NAFTA has been a huge success for the American agricultural industry and for the corn industry in particular.

As a better deal is pursued for the United States, we cannot give up the progress we’ve gained for our farmers. Agricultural exports have tripled during the lifespan of the 24-year-old trade agreement and corn exports have increased seven-fold.

During my time as mayor, I’ve seen how important stable agricultural economies are. The early threats of walking away from NAFTA completed have already had market impacts, jeopardized that stability. These threats put American farmers at risk of losing their opportunity to see products outside of the United States.

It would be irresponsible to play games with one of our nation’s most important economies. That is why I call on President Trump and our leaders in Washington to stand up for American farmers when renegotiating NAFTA.

Kathy Huner

Mayor of Wauseon

Stand up for American farmers