Life’s Lessons

My Dad never missed the county fair in all his 80 years. He was born in July, and was at the fair that first year.

So when county fair week neared, it was well worth keeping check on its progress, wasn’t it? Whenever Dad and I were in the car together, we drove through the fairgrounds to stay abreast of progress – starting at least two weeks before Labor Day which was opening day at that time.

Now we are really near that time, so on Sunday as I drove home from church, since I would be driving right past the grounds, I thought to drive through and see the progress. This was less than a seven-day week before opening.

Many campers had already arrived, set their units, and were beginning to settle in. There was one truck carrying part of a ride and awaiting the arrival of the rest of the ride. Part of the usual array of tents for games were already in place. Some food vendors had arrived.

Later that afternoon, I drove through again to note how much more had come in. There was significantly more.

On my way home from Monday’s trip to the nursing home, I drove through once again – still keeping Dad’s interest in mind, you know.

Boy! What a change! More rides had arrived, more food vendors, more this, more that! By the time you read this column, most things will be in place along with the requisite lines of communication and all the other sundry requirements. Soon, 4-H animals will be arriving along with other displays.

The usual question of the day is, “Are you ready for the fair?”

Normal activities of the immediate area seem to take second place for this one week when family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and thousands of total strangers gather to enjoy the fair’s many phases of entertainment, and to celebrate or at least acknowledge the year’s accomplishments.

Judging will take place in a multitude of displays. Ribbons will be awarded. Some ribbon winners will go home rewarded for their efforts, while other hopefuls will be disappointed and determined to win the blue ribbon next year. Friendships will have been renewed and family news shared with others.

But, back to today’s question – are you ready?

For some, it is a major task to be ready for the fair; for others, it’s simply a matter of getting in the car and driving there.

But there is a more important side to the question. Are you ready – for heaven? Heaven awaits those who trust in Jesus as Savior. No massive amount of preparation required – only believe.

Though the dates for next year’s fair are already established, we don’t know a specific date for our death. We must be ready NOW. Our date may be a lot closer than we think.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for more than just the fair?