Life’s Lessons

Mystery? What mystery?

The area had experienced a two-day rainfall. My rain gauge registered a full two inches. My seemingly level back yard also registered significant rainfall as, unbeknown to me until I walked into it, it was now a standing pool! Yes, it really rained!

Well, as those things do, the pool dried up in a day or two, the grass went back to growing and needing mowing. Everything was normal.

Later, I walked out across the yard and discovered a multitude of mysterious holes in the yard. Now, there have been lots of rains since I moved here and I have never seen anything like this. In fact, I had not seen this kind of hole in a lawn ever, anywhere I’ve lived!

It wasn’t just one or two holes either! They arced from the back corner of the yard around to the end of the house. Probably four inches, give or take, in diameter and four to five inches deep. I thought they looked like horses’ hoof prints but that couldn’t be. My neighbor does have horses but they are fenced in.

The next day as I went to the mailbox, I found these strange pock marks also across the front yard.

I was puzzled but put it aside for the most part, warned my house mate to be very watchful walking across the lawn, and didn’t give it much more thought. Surely nature would fill them in sooner or later.

But, I did wonder – what in the world caused this? Are there that many moles working the lawn and the water was simply seeking a get-away? I didn’t think so but couldn’t think of anything else.

A couple of weeks passed. Then, one evening I was visiting with my next-door neighbor. “Hey!” I said, “Come over here a minute. Did you ever see soil do this?” and I pointed out what I now considered my chicken pox lawn.

He knelt down and with his hand measured size and depth of one of the holes, studied the situation a moment and said, “Well, a couple of weeks ago, my neighbor on the other side called and said my horses were lying down in his back yard. I took care of them but I didn’t know they had been over here, too. I can …”

I didn’t want him to do anything about the lawn. It will take care of itself and, true to nature, it is recovering. They have also beefed up their horse fencing.

I didn’t have a chicken pox lawn as I had come to call it, but I did have a horse pox lawn!

Mystery solved!

An even greater mystery is how and why God could possibly love me (yes, ME!) so much He would send His only begotten Son to die on the cross to pay for my sins. And yours, too! No, I don’t understand it, but I do BELIEVE it because the Bible tells me so. (John 3:16)

That gift is so individualized each of us can claim, yet it covers all mankind. I challenge you to believe it, too!

Mystery? What mystery?