The conundrum of lost things

Yes, it happened again! Something was lost! It totally puzzles me how two people in one house can have so many things turn up (or NOT) lost!

The latest? Well, … No, I guess I won’t tell that one. It’s simply just too embarrassing and puzzling at the same time. No, you won’t hear that one from me, and I doubt you’ll hear it from my roommate, either.

But, here’s one!

It was after supper. We were sitting in the living room wishing for something worth watching to be on television. Nope, nothing.

Then, my roommate said, “I can’t find my cell phone.” I questioned if she had looked in her chair, as phones have a tendency to slip out of pockets and bury themselves in the recliner. Chair was checked, even tipped over. No phone.

Well, I didn’t think that was too great a concern. I would just call her and the ring tone would alert us to its location.

Dial. Ring, ring, ring … No ring tone was heard.

Then all the usual questions: When did you have it last? Did you make any calls today? Receive any calls today? And finally, Where have you been?

After looking in her car while I rang her phone yet again and still not finding the phone, we thought it best to look wherever she had been that day. That meant going to the Chief Supermarket and Dollar General Store.

Dollar General first. No, no phone had been found, and again no ring tone was heard anywhere in the store when I dialed.

Chief Supermarket. While she checked at the desk, I checked the restroom – both with negative results.

We went home, each buried in her own thoughts. I knew I had another phone which could probably be re-programmed to her number and that would save the purchase price of a new one.

When we went in the house, she went to her bedroom and I walked through my own room once again. Just on a whim, I dialed the number one more time and heard her squeal with delight!

She had tucked it in the pocket of her Bible cover, laid it on her night stand, and then something got placed on top of it. But this time when it rang, she was near enough to hear it.

The lost was found. (Now, if only I could use my phone to locate some other things!)

Jesus came to earth to walk among mankind and to draw the lost to Himself. He paid the price of redemption for you and me who were living in a state of lostness – “to seek and to save that which was lost”. (John 19:10)

And He doesn’t even have to listen for a ring tone to find us! He only needs our responsiveness.

Have you turned your life over to him? Or are you still lost?