Life’s Lessons

A time for hands off, mouth shut

Like many of you, I had the privilege of watching my grandson, Arron, graduate from high school last Sunday. (You remember this is an “adopted” grandson.) His steady girlfriend, and thus my granddaughter of a couple of years or more, graduated that same day but from a different school, so I had to choose which to attend. They were comfortable with my choice.

I sat with his parents, and then in the confusion in the hallway after the graduates exited the gymnasium I was unable to locate him. Hence, no photo with him on his big day. I was proud of him, as you were of your own grandkids.

Oh, he’s not perfect. He has made some mistakes and, no doubt, like the rest of us, he will make a lot more.

Both of these young people observed their 18th birthday within a week of each other last fall. Now, with diploma in hand, they stand on the threshold of the adult world. I think they are a bit apprehensive as they search to know what to do with their lives.

I have questioned Arron repeatedly as to his plans for the future. Sometimes, he has had some tentative plans. For a while it was “college and then the Marines.” I suggested doing that in reverse order so he might get military help with tuition. Those plans, however, did not materialize because of a health problem which precludes entrance into the military.

Whenever we’ve talked about it, though, one thought has always been prominent. He has always stated, “I just want to help people.” Personally, I believe God has a special call on his life but that is for Arron to perceive, not for me to tell him – hands off, mouth shut.

Yes, it is a season of graduations, with all their excitement, thrills, parties and, though not mentioned, also their uncertainties. Until now, these high school grads have known what they would be doing the next day and in the days ahead. Now it is decision time, and, if they would admit it, many are very nervous.

We who have been there before, who have experienced these same emotions, can only stand by in the event we’re needed. Oh, yes! There is one more vital step we can take with and for them – we can pray for guidance and for their perception.

So, as we watch these young people, let us remain steadfast in supporting them in prayer.

My own parents were extremely supportive of me and yet were able to stand on the sidelines, as it were, and allow me to make my own choices, both good and bad. They attended all but one of my graduations. When I received my M.A. from Eastern Kentucky University, it was agreed family need not make the trip.

I also attended their final graduations – that time when they graduated from life on this earth to eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ, their Savior. No insecurities there. Those who have chosen Jesus while on earth are guaranteed a place with Him for all eternity.

What is your destination at your final graduation?

A time for hands off, mouth shut