Life’s Lessons

Torn, broken, thrown away – but rescued, redeemed

Were it not for this nation’s military, our country would fit those adjectives – torn, broken and thrown away. First of all, let me express gratitude and honor to all who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military. Though Memorial Day has evolved to memorializing all who have preceded us in death, it was originally set aside to remember our fallen countrymen. To remember: “All have given some; some have given all.”

When the following experience was submitted by Fritzi, I immediately thought it suitable for the Memorial Day issue of the Expositor. Fritzi’s family lost a fine young man in World War II. Most of us can relate to that. If our loved ones came home safely, we still lost much in the wars we have lived through.

Fritzi submitted the following experience. I have edited it just enough to fit this space, so quotation marks are used only to tell you, the reader, what Fritzi felt that day. Her story is told here mostly as she told it to me. It happened before Easter, and has remained so vital to her she needed to share:

“Saw her lying in the middle of the road, torn and broken…in the middle of Shoop Avenue. I could not believe how people kept driving by. I had to go back.

“I turned around, pulled into the turning lane and put on my flashers. A big truck went by. Carefully checking traffic, I got out and gently took her in my arms. I placed her in the seat beside me and drove off.

“She still rides with me today, torn and broken. Every time I see her I think of the past and present generations that served, and those who did not come home, and those whose hearts were broken.

“I rescued a small American flag with a broken stick, torn, battered, and sun-bleached. Perhaps it had fallen from the back of a motorcycle seat or from a vehicle. She will continue to ride with me now in safety, protected from further damage.”

I suspect very few of us would have gotten out in traffic to rescue that small token of American freedom, and yet reading her story makes me (and maybe you, too) more conscious of what we enjoy on a daily basis, and reminds me to honor the flag, the symbol of this great nation.

Many years before this, God looked down on a torn, broken, and all but thrown away world, and chose to send His very own Son to live an exemplary life on this earth, then to die on the cross of Calvary to redeem all who believe in Him.

He died a horrible death, but overcame the grave by His resurrection. He now resides in heaven once again where He is preparing a place for each one who believes in Him.

He died to save each of us – torn, broken and thrown away as we were. Do you believe? As Fritzi honored that small flag, let’s remember to honor the cross whenever, wherever we see it.

Torn, broken, thrown away – but rescued, redeemed