Life’s Lessons

How do you serve Him?

The phone rang. Information immediately available was two-fold: it was 10 o’clock at night and the caller was Bill.

A phone call at 10 o’clock from Bill could not be good news! Bill lives in Virginia, and it was his night to get a call from his mother. She hadn’t called, and there was no answer when he called her. To give her children some sense of her safety and well-being, she has agreed to check in with one of them each evening. This was Bill’s evening. With Mom living in the Wauseon area and the kids at distances, this is about the best they can work out so they know on a daily basis that Mom is okay.

Bill’s sister lives in Napoleon but he knew she was spending the weekend with her own daughter and family in the Dayton area, so she was not available to respond. The older brother lives in the Cleveland area. Hence, the 10 p.m. call to me, their aunt.

I was immediately on my way to her house. I let myself in and began looking around, knowing that with a lady who is 90 years of age I might find her fallen and injured or even unresponsive.

Hmm! Maybe I should make some noise so I don’t surprise her.

In the dining area, I found one shoe, the other in the living room. Then I looked down the hall and knew she had fallen.

What a mess! And I could only see the beginning of it

Threading my way through the mess, I found her on the floor in the bedroom. I immediately appraised the the ABCs – airway, breathing and circulation – all good. She was conscious and coherent.

Though I would have called anyway, I asked permission to call 9-1-1. Permission was granted but with the instructions, “Tell them no sirens.” (I told you she was coherent!) I did pass that along to the dispatcher, who couldn’t guarantee that stipulation would be met.

I moved my car out of the way and soon heard EMS responding, siren blaring. Before they got near the house, they did turn off the siren.

I was an EMT for many years in Kentucky some 30 years ago, and it was a pure treat to watch these young men in action. They made the same initial checks I had made and many more before packaging her for transport. I was totally impressed. Hats off to these fine medical professionals!

They left for the hospital and I tried to reinstate some order to the house.

I righted the bedside table, put the lamp back together and tested it, replaced the clock/radio, picked up various lotion bottles, etc. I would have to remake the bed as the sheet, blanket, pillows, and coverlet were on the floor. How did she do that? I thought she must have pulled on the bedclothes trying to get herself up. True, she told me the next day.

I redeemed her glasses and located her cell phone, locked the door and went home.

That’s the way I served my Lord and Savior that day. Oh! It felt so good to be useful to someone! Everyone thanked me, of course, but I should be thanking them for giving me a sense of being needed.

Yes, though non-Christians also reach out when need is evident, service to others can speak for Christ. The Christian can add a “God bless you” with meaning and so witness for Him.

Always be alert for ways to witness for Jesus in whatever way presents itself. Someone may come to salvation because of something you did and said.

How do you serve Him?