Life’s Lessons

Where we were meant to be

When our church merged with another, there were things left in our building which were no longer needed. What could be used at the merged church was moved, but there was still excess.

Church members and attendees were given the opportunity to pick up whatever they wanted and could use. Large pictures which had been given in memory of loved ones were offered back to the families. We’ve taken Bibles and Christian literature to Christian Resources International. Furniture, dishes, and silverware were made available for use right here in the Fulton County area.

There was still stuff left!

There were stacks and stacks of table games we had used for game nights. What about those pretty blue glass dishes, fabric and cut quilt projects? There were even crayons, pencils, and scissors appropriate for early childhood education.

So, we loaded the car full of those items, leaving just enough room for two people and Kelly to make a trip to Henderson Settlement, a United Methodist mission in Frakes, Ky.

Leaving that morning in a total deluge, we were sure there would be drier weather ahead. Not so! While it was not a total deluge all day, the rain continued and periodically was back into that deluge category, making driving very difficult.

The next morning, we were greeted with more rain but not so hard this time. We made the final leg of our trip in a light rain and were able to unload in the dry. That wouldn’t last, though, and we drove home in rain or mist using windshield wipers most of the time.

So, it wasn’t the relaxing time we usually spend on that trip. But it was, nonetheless, a very rewarding trip. Not only were they extremely happy to receive the things we took, but since we were there in December a friend had joined the ranks of their employees, and we were able to spend time with her.

We found her at work in the greenhouse. She saw Kelly first and her face split into a welcoming smile. “You’ll stay and have lunch with us, won’t you?” Now, who could refuse such an invitation?

She had been through some very trying times, and had only recently returned to Henderson. She was very apparently in need of a listening ear, and she unburdened her heart to friends she knew she could trust.

Eventually, she returned to work and we left for home.

While preparing to go to Henderson, we thought our purpose was to take a load to the mission and, of course, that is what we did. But I believe God directed the timing of the trip to coincide with our friend’s need for confidantes and that was the true purpose of the trip.

Listening to Him, we were right where and when we were needed to accomplish His purpose – encouraging another of His servants in her time of need. I’m glad we listened to Him as we planned that trip.

Won’t you listen as well? You may be surprised where and how God wants to use you.

Where we were meant to be