Life’s Lessons

On my own

I’ve reached that senior age in which friends, family and other well-wishers strive to find the perfect Christmas gift for me. Knowing I don’t really need anything anymore, they drop back to the one item all of us need our whole lives – food!

Christmas season arrived, and so did the food in the form of an assorted box of packaged meat products and cheeses, cookies, fresh fruit, candy, and nuts. Now that doesn’t include the sweet treats I purchased for myself before the influx began.

Every bit of that qualifies as food! Something to be stashed on kitchen counters and miscellaneous tables in the dining room until consumed.

The fresh fruit made a rather quick get-away. Cookies and other baked goods were next. But nuts and candy last longer and their attractive wrappers seem to call out as I innocently walked by. How could I deny their cries for attention?

I noticed my clothes fitting a bit tighter. This must have started well before Christmas, too, because in the fall when I went from everyday summer wear to winter jeans, I found my favorite jeans would stay in the drawer this season because during their summer of inactivity they had shrunk! While just lying in the drawer! Can you imagine?

As though in cahoots with everything else, tight jeans and goodies galore, my bathroom scale quit! So Christmas came and went. Added pounds came as well, but they didn’t go! I finally admitted what I had known all along – I needed to lose a few pounds!

I had been silently admiring a friend’s stick-to-it-ive-ness in her success with a local weight loss group. So I decided if my friend could do so well, surely I could, too.

I went to the first meeting and almost immediately knew this was not for me! Nonetheless, I wrote my check and sat through the meeting. Now, I am rather severely challenged to hear in meetings and my friend chose seats in the back row. Not wanting to be a problem, I said nothing and sat with her so I really didn’t hear a lot of class participants’ input – just enough to understand what was going on.

After class, the leader sought to bring me up to speed with the program. What got me interested in the class? What was my goal? Other questions followed and I finally said, “I didn’t come to be psychoanalyzed. I just want to lose weight. I feel like I’ve written a check that will net me nothing.” At that point, she offered to return my check; I accepted. Must be the free welcome gift was not exactly free either because she retrieved it.

Guess I’ll just have to take these pounds off on my own. I know it will be a challenge. It’s a “been there, done that” thing for me, but I can do it.

However, when it comes to walking my Christian life, I don’t have to do it on my own. No, I have a constant Companion who will see me through day by day.

Yes, I make mistakes, but He who enables me to walk His walk is also there to forgive my mistakes and cleanse me once more. I depend on Him constantly and you can, too! Jesus is there to strengthen us, moment by moment, once we accept Him as Savior.

Neither you nor I need to walk the Christian walk “on our own” because He who saved us walks with us, and eagerly awaits us turning to Him for help and for forgiveness when we fail, as we surely will because we are only human.

Choose Jesus today.

On my own