Life’s Lessons

God’s perfect timing

This story comes out of the rescue work we did in the mountains, so it is now many years ago.

It was a hot Sunday. We were on our way home from church. As we came around a curve, we were flagged down. Right ahead of us in the road lay a man and a motorcycle, both in rather poor condition. The man’s friend who had been riding his own motorcycle was flagging traffic so he wouldn’t be hit. We were the first ones on the scene.

As I have mentioned previously, we had outfitted our personal vehicles with equipment needed to work, or at least to get a good start on, most accident scenes. We both drove IH Scouts so we could even make a flat area in the back. On this day, we were glad for all the equipment and skill we had.

Upon approaching our patient, we found we knew him! He worked at the same coal mine we did. He was conscious but in need of immediate hospital care.

Now, get the picture here – both of us arriving on the scene were EMTs and coal miners, our patient was a co-worker, and it all happened right in front of the house belonging to one of our mine’s foremen!

We needed a spine board to safely move our patient. That was one item we didn’t have in the Scout. (Later, we were able to add a spine board to our equipment.)

The foreman who owned the house we were in front of was doing some remodeling. I asked if he had anything we could use as a spine board. He had a piece of plywood we could use.

He brought the plywood and, together, we log-rolled our patient onto the board and loaded him in the back of the Scout. We had no straps to stabilize him and that was necessary because of the mountainous drive to the hospital. So my friend drove and I knelt next to our patient in the back to keep him as immobile as possible.

We delivered him to the hospital and were on our way. We knew the situation had been handled as well as possible under the circumstances.

Days passed. Weeks passed. We heard that Bill would be back to work soon. Finally that day arrived. We learned he had had a critical back injury. He said, “Thank you for taking care of me.” When he had told the doctor how he was transported after the accident, the doctor said if he had been handled in other way he never would have walked again.

That was just like payday for us – that this young man, husband and father, could continue to work and care for his family.

Sometimes we (any of us) just happen to be in the right place at the right time and are able to do the right things. I don’t call those “just happen” events. To me, they are carefully orchestrated by our God.

He also has carefully orchestrated the means of our salvation. He did that by sending His own Son to die in our place. Jesus’ shed blood has paid the price for our redemption. That sacrifice paid for my salvation, for your salvation, for the salvation of all who accept Jesus as Savior.

While we three coal miners were able to save a young man’s physical ability to walk and work, Jesus’ death and resurrection can save his and your soul and assure eternity in heaven.

God’s perfect timing