Life’s Lessons

Decision making

We planned to be away for a few days, as has been our fall activity for many years. We always call it a color tour but usually find the best color when we get back into Fulton County.

This year, we planned to spend an afternoon visiting a cousin in West Virginia, then go on to the east coast. Those plans were scrubbed for various reasons. But we would still go somewhere for a few days. The big question was where.

The big hurricane had just come through the coastal area so maybe we should reconsider. Mentally, we assessed various other places in different directions.

Finally, it was the Monday we would leave. Kelly and I would visit the nursing home in Oregon as usual, come home for lunch, and then we would go. We still had not chosen a direction. So before we left for the nursing home that morning, I marked a nickel with S on one side and N on the other. S would mean south to Brown County; Indiana, N, north to Michigan.

When we got home, I told my housemate to flip the coin. She tossed it and it came up S. I showed her how to flip a coin rather than toss it. She tried again. It came up S.

With Kelly in the back seat, we tossed our small travel bags in the trunk and headed north!

Yes, the coin came up south twice, and we headed north, straight up the middle of Michigan! We saw the most vibrant wide-spread fall color extravaganza we have ever found! We spent the next few days basking in God’s fantastic paint job. One morning, as we left our motel in the Upper Peninsula, a rainbow spanned its full arc directly before us.

We visited a state park which preserves a natural spring. Visitors can go out on the water aboard a self-operated raft. By turning a wheel, the raft is propelled on cables across the 200 foot span. You can stop whenever you like. Directly over the spring you can watch the water pouring in at the rate of 10,000 gallons per minute and constantly creating new shapes and images in the sandy bottom.

Though the pool is 40 feet deep over the spring, the observer can clearly see trout lazily swimming in the cold water. Standing at the side, one sees only a dark pool of water, but by being on the raft you can observe the activity of the spring itself, as well as the fat fish.

Legend says a young Indian chieftain declared his undying love for his girlfriend, stating he loved her far above all other beautiful maidens. She told him to prove it by catching her in his canoe when she jumped from a limb above the pool. He positioned his canoe in the agreed upon location and watched for her. The canoe tipped over as he watched and he drowned. Meanwhile, she was back at the village frolicking with her maiden friends.

The spring is called Kitch-iti-Kipi for the young Indian chieftain who went to his death in the icy waters attempting to prove his love.

Though we had no plans when we left on our color tour, it could not have been better. Autumn color, lakeshore drives, the Big Spring, a rainbow – all exhibits of God’s handiwork – made these days memorable.

Now, I don’t really recommend making one’s choices by flipping a coin, though it did work this time. Or did it? After all, we went the opposite of the coin flip!

No, major decisions require major consideration. Your most important decision is choosing to accept Jesus into your life and, thereby, securing your place in heaven. Have you made that decision? If not, remember, “now is the day of salvation.” (II Cor. 6:2)

Decision making