Mayor’s Corner

This summer if flying by

By Kathy Huner - Mayor of Wauseon

Wow! This summer is flying by as the baseball and softball season is winding down and football, soccer and cross country cleats are starting to gear up.

If you see one of our Wauseon Firefighters around town, please make sure you thank them for the amazing firework show they put on this July 4th. The finale was top notch!

There is so much planning that goes into our fireworks show each year. We begin early spring with several meetings and rounding up volunteers to help find vendors and participants to help make our Fourth of July event run smooth. The committee consisted of Rick Sluder, Phil Kessler, Jake Sigg, Dave Murry, and Aaron Tiplady.

I wish to thank our Wauseon Police Department and Auxiliary for the traffic control, parking and exiting of vehicles in such a timely and safe manner. I would also like to thank Wauseon’s Public Works Department and Recreation Department for preparing our parks before this event and the clean up afterwards. I also would like to thank the many volunteers who came out to help collect donations for fireworks. A big thanks to all IAC Employees and the Boy Scouts for also helping with the clean-up.

I also would like to give a big thank you to those of you who supported our Fourth of July event fundraiser at Tiny’s Dairy Barn and private donations. Without your donations we could not give have entertained our community with such an amazing fireworks show. As always, Wauseon’s support is alive and thriving.

Make sure that everyone comes out to support the Wauseon Homecoming this next week, July 30 through Aug. 1. The Homecoming Parade begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday. The Wauseon Homecoming Committee has dedicated numerous hours to make sure that Wauseon has another fun filled 2015 Homecoming.

September 26 is our Annual Wauseon Chili Cook-Off. We are in need of chili participants. If you think you make a good pot of chili, then prove it! Enter your famous chili in our Chili Cook-Off. You can find a registration form on the city’s webpage or go to our Chili Cook-off Facebook page.

This summer if flying by

By Kathy Huner

Mayor of Wauseon