Mechanical problems

By Helen Guilford

Yesterday has been here and is gone never to return to visit us again. With what we would call good stuff and that offset by the “not so good,” it’s in the past. But could we just take a look back on it?

It all started when I pulled off my nightshirt. Now, where did those bloody spots come from? Oh yes, I remember having a runny nose when I was up in the night, but I thought it was just that – a runny nose. Huh! Must have been a bit of a bloody nose instead. Well, though I had not planned to do any laundry that day, that now became top priority. There were some other things to put in that hadn’t been planned either.

No problem. The apartment where I reside in Independent Living has a stacked washer and dryer. Something to give thanks for once again. I am SO grateful to have that convenience!

I soon had a small load of laundry running and didn’t give it another thought. Oh, I heard the machine call me when it was finished and, in my own good sweet time, went to put things in the dryer. It was then the day changed drastically.

The clothes were still holding too much water to go in the dryer! I tried balancing the tub but didn’t detect any change. Well, maybe if I just ran them through again, it would right itself. But at the end of the cycle, there was no difference.

Time for maintenance!

When he arrived soon after my call, I heard neither the door bell nor the knock. Neither did Bebe. I always depend on her as it is the only time she barks, but she slept right through it. He used his phone and asked me to unlock the door.

He went right to work as though this were a common occurrence and he would soon have the problem remedied. Not so! By lunch time, he was still in a quandary and the machine was winning. By this time, it had locked its lid and wouldn’t let him in. Lunch! That seemed to be the next step.

After lunch break for everyone, the machine had at least released its lid. Soon, the problem was solved and I could finish the laundry I had begun hours earlier.

Just one more thing to give thanks for. Well, maybe two more things – maintenance got the problem solved and there would be no extra charge.

Often times we go through things of this nature without even giving God a polite “thank you”. We probably thank the repairman as he leaves, but God? What did He have to do with it?

You see the thing is this – once you open your heart to God and invite Him in, He has His “finger” on your entire life – even the quirks in the mechanical things that can fail.

All of that just presents more questions. Questions like, well, why didn’t He just keep it working in the first place if He is so all powerful? That’s an honest question and the only answer I have is because He had other plans for us.

Remember, Jesus died for you and me. He cared that much! And He does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Whether it’s the washing machine that needs attention or our heart, He is in the saving business. We only need to give it all over to Him!

I’m reminded again of the friend that I heard pray frequently, “Thank you that you are God and we are not!”

By Helen Guilford