Changing styles

By Helen Guilford

I have long been aware that clothing styles repeat themselves over the years. Perhaps the first time I really noticed was when I had just learned to sew and had chosen a pattern I thought would be different yet attractive. When I showed it to Mom, she said, “Oh! Mutton sleeves!” She then went on to explain that had been the style years prior.

As I’ve watched over these many years, I, too, have seen styles repeat themselves. Thankfully, some have not made the circuit.

That brings me to today’s story. And though I notice these things and comment about them, I am not passing judgment. It’s just a sign of the times.

As a child on a farm with my family, denim overalls were the “style” of the day for men and boys and even for girls and women depending on the work planned for the day.

I can picture my mother sitting by the dining room window where the light was best. She was mending. One day in particular stands out. She was working on overalls that needed to be made more usable, but in the stack awaiting her attention was my one and only pair of denim bib overalls. I wanted them so badly and asked her to do mine next.

“No,” she replied, “the boys need theirs to work in.” End of discussion. My childish begging had no effect so I resorted to another tactic – could I mend my own overalls?

“Yes, you can try but I don’t think you can do it.”

I tried and, of course, she was right. At about seven years of age I could watch all I wanted but it did not put the skill in my hands and mind. My overalls would wait for another day.

Looking back on that day I can still see the jeans in their state of disrepair as well as a different state of disrepair after my feeble efforts at mending.

Now, go back to today’s premise that styles do, indeed, repeat themselves.

Though to my remembrance wearing worn out jeans did not become the style of the day then, take a look around and you will see both men and women of all ages wearing them today. And for dress up, too!

Oh, no, the jeans are not worn out. In fact, many times this is the first wearing since getting them at the store. And there is not just one “torn” and frayed spot on the knee . Often times you wonder what holds the bottom of the pant legs onto the garment.

One young man probably in his 20s showed me how to make perfectly good (in my opinion) jeans take on the worn out appearance. It only took a few minutes with his pocket knife and a bit of effort to scrape through the denim and make them look like today’s new. Just for the record, I haven’t tried it.

Jesus told his disciples He was going to heaven to prepare a place for them (and us). When He calls us Home to live forever with Him, old things will pass away and, behold!, all things will become new. Are you ready for His style? You can be! Just ask Him into your heart and be assured of the style of the day when He calls your name.

By Helen Guilford