Christians or not?

By Helen Guilford

I was in Kentucky at the mission I support there and had a rather interesting experience.

This is a home mission our church has supported for as long as I have known the church, but with a new pastor, the relationship with the church has been lost. My own relationship, however, has grown through the church but has become independent of it.

Anyway, as I have mentioned previously, I made my usual Christmas new toy trip last fall and was spending the night in a motel. Bebe was with me. She does work as a therapy dog in the home where my former roommate, Marilynn, is living, but Bebe is not a certified therapy dog. Still, due to her size, she is usually accepted in restaurants. Still, I am aware of the possibility of being turned away so that is not a problem

On this particular evening when I considered where to have supper, I looked at the possibilities and chose a steak house buffet. We had been there together previously so I knew taking Bebe there would not be a problem

The other time we were there, a man I assumed to be the owner or manager gave his unlimited approval for Bebe to be there. But that was the other time and different personnel –

This time, we were very reluctantly granted access to the dining room. They took my money and then began giving explicit instructions: Bebe could come in the dining room and share my table but could not go with me to the buffet.

Okay! I understood but couldn’t figure out how I was to get my food since I had no one else with me. I did the unthinkable; I took her with me for a very hurried one-plate trip to the buffet. But someone was assigned to watch me and we were no sooner back at the table than that watcher was there as well strongly reaffirming her previous instructions.

As I began eating, a fellow diner came to my side and offered to fill another plate for me with whatever food I would like. I accepted and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. Ummm! Salads! Before she got back, another diner came to my side – would I like dessert?

So, I was well taken care of and had the interest and caring of those around me.

It was a blessing that lay in the fact that other customers were so concerned. I had not made a scene at all but had just accepted their rules. Though all the diners in that section witnessed the problem unfold, these two stepped up to help. A difficult situation had been averted by their actions.

Probably Bebe and I are the only ones that will not return there, but my memories of the event fix on the thoughtfulness and kindness of those two ladies – all for a “thank you and God bless you.” It was Christian love in action though I have no way of knowing if these two were Christians.

How often we have opportunity to manifest God’s love in our actions and just don’t take the opportunity to do so! Maybe our action or speaking is just the impetus needed to bring that person to Christ! Let’s make the most of those opportunities in the year we’ve just now started.

Manifest the love of Christ. What a resolution!

By Helen Guilford