Christmas shopping

By Helen Guilford

It was Thursday, just a few days before Christmas Day. Weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was promised us that our relatively mild winter temperatures would plummet. I surely was not looking forward to that. My sleep has been so restless that my bed looked like a battlefield every morning. Perhaps if I had an electric blanket and could get my legs nice and warm that would help.

I had been at Target store a couple of weeks ago and had noticed a whole end cap of electric blankets and a full stack of them were twin size – just what I needed. You see I had previously had an electric blanket but when I moved I had to adjust to a twin bed instead of my queen size. The blanket no longer fit.

My previous roommate had one the right size but that had been donated somewhere. Now, I needed it and it was long gone. I thought to check if such an item could be found locally and found nothing. Target said they had one left and it would be available in two hours. Off to Target.

I pulled into the parking lot, and I might mention it was way into the parking lot because remember there are only a few days until Christmas, got out and walked to the store. I was fortunate to get a shopping cart and headed down the front aisle toward where I remembered the blankets being. I was making fair progress but noticed not all cart pushers seemed to be friendly. Oh! I was going the wrong way. Everyone else was waiting for check out.

When I got where I thought the blanket should be, I didn’t see any. But I have learned to ask for help and it does not necessarily have to be a clerk. I asked another shopper. She abandoned her own shopping, stepping to another shelf, picked up a blanket and brought it to me.

“This is the only one,” she said. “Hope you like navy blue.” I gave her my thanks and joined the crowd headed toward check out – this time going the right way. I had no more than settled in for a long winters’ wait until the lady ahead of me motioned me ahead. A clerk wanted my attention to advance my place in line to where I would check out immediately.

Again, I don’t know why but I offered my thanks and checked out.

Where I thought I would spend half the day getting my single purchase, I was out of the store in record time. Probably not more that 15 or 20 minutes from the time I arrived I was back in the car and headed home with my blanket.

And it does help!

But did you notice all the times someone else just stepped in to make my world easier?

I don’t know why. Like you, I can guess at that, but I have to think God had His mighty finger in the mix quite unseen but surely at work. The one blanket was there and the help was there. Then others made room in their busy schedules to accommodate me.

Yeah, that was a pretty good shopping trip.

I can only credit the God I love and those through whom He gets His work done.

But the best is still ahead – when He comes to call me to the home He is preparing for me – and I know He is because He promised.

Why not top off the old year by inviting Jesus into your heart?

Happy New Year!

By Helen Guilford