Would you like a cup of coffee?

By Helen Guilford

I made it through college and into my life’s chosen field of work (teaching) without needing that morning cup of coffee. Then I was living with two older ladies who thought their day could not begin without a hot drink. I tried tea at their suggestion but that didn’t last long before I switched to coffee. Until that time I thought the best thing about coffee was that whoosch of scent you experience when you open a fresh can! I’m not sure, but I still think that might be true.

Anyway, be that as it may, another lady moved in with me when I moved out by myself. She was a coffee drinker. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Several years ago when I moved into a villa by myself, I didn’t even own a coffee pot. But I watched garage sales and found a one-cup coffee maker and bought it. I don’t remember but the price probably did not exceed a dollar. (This was before Keurig came along,) It worked well and when I saw another, I bought it as a back-up! I mean, after all, these were used for who knows how long?

When I moved to a country place, my former roommate moved in again – complete with coffee and coffee maker. Another move – she to a retirement community and I to a different one. Well, by now, I wanted that morning cup of coffee.

Back to my one-cup unit – it still worked well and there was still the back-up – just in case. But when moving day came along again, the back-up was one of the things I could do without.

So, I’ve been back to my one-cup coffee maker. One cup for breakfast. If later in the day, I want a second cup, I can make it. And so it goes.

Then along came a Tuesday morning. Yes, it was a Tuesday, the one day I guard because the morning is set aside to write my column. Let nothing interfere with my routine on a Tuesday.

I was fixing breakfast. That sounds like I cook but unless you count making toast, I don’t. I put water in the little coffee maker and touched the “on” button. Nothing happened!

Tried that again. Nothing happened. Again – same results.

Well, back to toast and coffee for breakfast but minus the coffee.

OH! And the back-up unit I had all those years? Remember it went with lots of other stuff in the move.

All day, no coffee. I’m still not a person who MUST have coffee before my day can start, but I will admit to enjoying the morning’s first hot drink.

All day, that little pot set on the kitchen counter taunting me. Then, at bedtime when I normally fix the coffee pot for morning, I thought why not give it one more try? As if by some magic this time it would work!

Surprise! It did!

So here I was doing last minute things as I prepared for bed and holding a cup of hot coffee. What to do? I drank it! And the pot has worked every day since that, too!

I am reminded I should be that diligent about my devotional time with my Lord and Savior! If, for some reason, I miss my morning time with Him, I should try again (and again) until I give Him my full attention even if I’m on my way to bed.

He died for me and for you! Let’s be careful to give Him our full attention whatever time of day it is! Only in Him do we find eternal life.

By Helen Guilford