Getting ready for Christmas

By Helen Guilford

I hate when this happens and it happens more and more frequently, it seems. I have my column written, have read it through more than once and made changes as needed to send it to the office. THEN! Then, when I make that last move, the whole thing just vanishes. Nothing I do, and I mean NOTHING, will put it back on my screen.

There is just one thing to do – start over! And that’s where I find myself now with only about a half hour until I need to send it to my editor.

For the past several years when I lived in the country I didn’t do any Christmas decorating at all. I wasn’t being a “Bah-Humbug” sort of person. It just didn’t seem important to me. I could and would enjoy the decorations other people put up.

I was prepared for that again!

Then yesterday, my “dog-bell” (Hey! I have a dog, not a bell!) sounded off. I can’t complain as she barks only to announce someone at the door. Even if I leave her in the apartment while I go to the garage, she doesn’t bark at my return. She only whimpers and whines – her manner of scolding, I suppose.

At the door, a dear friend was getting something out of her car and bringing it to the apartment. She brought in a small table-top pre-lighted Christmas tree. Scarcely a “good morning” was exchanged before she had placed the tree on the corner cabinet and plugged it into the socket I didn’t know was there. I was wondering how I would unplug it at bedtime, but she had that covered, too. “Just leave it turned on all the time.”

Turns out she had already replaced the fall wreath on the outside of the door with a beautiful Christmas wreath. That’s what alerted Bebe.

As we visited, I thought of a Christmas tree I had put away. Made of threads of different sizes and decorated with colored yarn balls, it was something I brought from Ecuador several years ago. I got it out and as I pulled it out of its storage tube, it developed into TWO trees. I had completely forgotten there were two. Now, I had a nice decorative gift for my friend.

Even though it required a quick trip to a store, my yarn tree was soon displayed on the inside of the front door and looks like it was always meant to be there.

So, now my apartment is festive for the season and looks nice. Oh, there are still some things to hang but that will happen when I ask maintenance for help. One picture is too big for me to handle and another is too heavy for the hanging supplies I have at hand.

But, truth be told, these decorations are just the trimming on the season – the true meaning is in remembrance of the birth of the Christ child. Sent by His Father above, He came as a baby to live as mankind so He could experience all of life as we do. Then he suffered death like a criminal – hung on a cross – for you and me.

Still, He lives!

Don’t let another Christmas season pass without knowing Him personally. He did it all for you! Oh, and me, too.

By Helen Guilford