A timely message

By Helen Guilford

In retirement, it is often that I sit down to write a column and have no idea what to write. Not so today. This is a timely column.

When I got home from the mission trip to Christian Appalachian Project in Kentucky and prepared to relax in my own bed that night, I noticed my alarm clock did not exhibit the correct time. Hmmm. Must have had a power outage while I was gone. No problem, I would just reset the clock.

But when I tried to do that, only the minutes would reset. No matter what my approach to the problem, the hour would not change.

I was still not feeling well after the trip so it was a couple of days before I looked for a clock. Then, when I found it, I spent considerable time trying to extract the clock from its safe and secure packaging.

There were two little screw thingies on the bottom but I could turn them all I liked and nothing happened. Here goes another two days. Finally deciding not to be out-foxed by these two little thingies, I attacked it again.

SUCCESS! Under better light and more rested, I could see the two little culprits that were causing the problem actually had markings for a 4-sided screwdriver, albeit a very small one. When I tried that, the clock got its freedom, I set the time and all is well. Oh, and the new clock is a perfect image of the one that quit after many years.

Then just the other day in another store I saw a wall clock that would look nice in place of another old one that had quit so I bought it. Took it home and discovered duplicate thingies holding it to its box. Not a problem this time. I now knew what to do!

I easily freed it from its captive position, got a battery from my stash of new ones and put it in place. Only the second hand didn’t move! Checked it again. Turned the battery end for end, tried again and was once again disappointed. Though it was new, it didn’t work! A day or two later, I wondered it the “new” battery had not been so “new” after all so I looked at it more closely. Hmmm! Very questionable.

Tried another new battery and it worked! Now I have a wall clock near the TV right where I like it. Neither clock had a problem – except for me! Granted it took more time than it should have but both clocks work and time keeps moving on.

Time! It’s free with a new supply every day. We either use it or waste it and there is no charge. We seem to be sure tomorrow will give us another 24-hour supply. But tomorrow is not a promise.

We can only count on this moment. And that’s why the Bible tells us “today is the day of salvation”. Invite Jesus into your heart today.

By Helen Guilford