Rambling observations

By Helen Guilford

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty selfish about scheduling anything for Tuesday morning. Ever since I retired, that is the time for writing my column. On occasion that time period gets infringed upon and I find myself trying to make the day work in its unaccustomed way.

Such is today. Though not by choice, I knew this was on the horizon – a follow-up doctor appointment. It was one of those things where the office makes the appointment to fit their convenience, not mine.

So here I am trying to get a column written knowing I am on someone else’s time schedule. Knowing I will only get some of it written before I have to leave. Knowing it even interferes with Bebe’s usual morning (though she doesn’t complain).

I’ve talked about routines before – how they can be very helpful in getting the day’s activities done or how by their very nature, they can be very limiting about what works for that day.

Bebe doesn’t seem to be bothered by routine or the lack of it. She does know MY (our!) routine, though. If I don’t go to the computer at my usual time and then go looking for her, I find her on her pillow right by my office chair waiting.

She also has selective hearing. When I call her and she doesn’t think it’s time for any usual activity, just like a child, she doesn’t hear me. First thing in the morning, she is usually ready, even eager, to go out. After all, Mother Nature does call. But if I want her to come NOW, I may have to make the sound that usually comes from picking up her leash. Then, she’s ready. Though the leash may only announce a short trip to the lawn or garage, still it’s time spent with her mom and that is to be treasured. Best to be ready. After all, the leash could mean a trip to the grocery or another place of interest.

I thought last Sunday would probably be the last day for a color tour so I went to the home where my former roommate now resides and asked her if she would like to do that. Her answer was immediate – YES!

So for the next hour and a half or more, we enjoyed a drive through an area noted for its beauty. I know my roommate enjoyed it fully but I’m not sure what was the major attraction – the fall colors or the time spent petting Bebe who made herself comfortable on her lap.

Conversation was limited but only once did she inquire about a member of her birth family whereas she usually asks about each one by name and then asks again, and again, and… Well, you get the picture. Even when we drove through a previously familiar town, she expressed no particular interest. It was an afternoon spent in what was once a routine for us – a color tour.

Though I see her Bible lying out as though ready for use, I suspect that doesn’t happen either. What was once her routine spiritual life seems nonexistent now. So, is she living in a lost condition? No, it is only the awareness that is missing. Jesus saved her, Jesus keeps her, Jesus is preparing a place for her just as He is for you and me. Know Jesus; know life – eternally.

By Helen Guilford