It started as ‘one of those days’

By Helen Guilford

When we comment “one of these days,” we’re usually talking distant, unscheduled plans, something that may or may not ever take place. However, change one word in that comment, and the entire tone is changed. Try this – it was “one of those days.” That usually, if not always, precedes negative comments.

Well, Sunday started out like others but turned into “one of those days”.

I got up early that morning as I always do on Sundays to allow time to shower and get both Bebe and me potty-ed and fed with time left to get to church on time. I knew what I planned to wear so that was not an issue.

As I dressed, however, the best laid plans fell apart. I knew it was supposed to be a cool day so long sleeves were in order. I stirred through my nicely arranged (thanks to the one who moved them for me) hanging clothes without results. Try that again – same no results. But by going through the array piece by piece, I finally did locate the top I thought best for the day and finished dressing.

Then I took Bebe out for her morning walk. Well, I call it a walk but it is just a short perusal of the nearest grass. Back into the apartment. That’s where the plans of the day quickly deteriorated. I bumped my elbow on the door as I came back in and, in so doing, tore off a scab where I had done the same thing on another day. I hurried inside but not soon enough.

I felt blood running down my arm and quickly made my way to the bathroom to take care of it. Yep! It was what I thought. The skin flap I had torn loose some days previously was once again loose – and bleeding freely.

Remember the top I searched for? Well, so much for that! It was destined for the laundry basket.

Start over!

Earlier, I had decided against a sweatshirt as it would be too warm by noon, I thought. Now, however, a coordinating sweatshirt sounded pretty good.

So, you see, it was starting out to be “one of those days”!

Still, it was Sunday and church attendance would set the tone for the week.

Bebe and I did lay aside the negatives of the morning and attended church that morning. We, or at least I, listened to the message and looked for what it was God wanted me to hear that day. The day took an upward swing and a niece came over for a visit in the afternoon. Except for revisiting the events to write this column, “one of those days” was forgotten because I consciously gave the day to God and His working in my life.

You can do that, too. First, trust Him for the ultimate victory (eternal life} and then seek His leading in your life daily. Even “one of those days” can do a turn-around when you put your life in God’s hands day by day, even moment by moment.

By Helen Guilford