Now, where is …?

By Helen Guilford

The major question I am asked these days is, “So, did you get all moved?” My answer so far is, ‘”Well. I’m moved but not ALL moved.” You see, my willing and able family moved all they could on moving day, but there were still piles of stuff in every room – all needing to be sorted as to destination: keep and move, give away or dumpster. No easy answer has presented itself except to allow (or even request) friend(s) to help with that aspect.

Nearly each item I pick up has various possibilities. These are remnants of some aspect of my 90-year life span whereas to the friend who did not live those same experiences, it’s just “stuff”! On occasion, I will say “pitch it” and get the response, “Are you sure?”

Then setting up the apartment fell to these same people. Even to one niece setting up my kitchen. And do you know I couldn’t have done it better myself? It seems I automatically reach to the cupboard or drawer she chose to put things.

Then Bebe and I were left to ourselves. Now, where is …? Oh! It’s probably still at the house! Some things I’ve missed both at the apartment and at the house. Maybe when I check the piles, I’ll find some of those things. Maybe not! In the end, will it make a difference?

Bebe and I have been going to the house every day to accomplish what little I can get done. That’s her happy place. Though she doesn’t object to coming into the apartment, it’s still not home to her.

One day, when it was time to return to the apartment, she made her opinion known. She hid from me. I looked in all her favorite places to no avail. On my second search, she came running. I still don’t know where she was. Yesterday, she tried a different tactic. She wouldn’t get in the car. Usually, she just waits for a butt boost, but yesterday she stayed at the end of the leash pulling away.

At the house, she doesn’t really want to be out in the fenced yard either, but wants to stay near me. She is also refusing to eat until late afternoon or evening though I feed her favorite foods. Is it a matter of trust? It’s been a long haul and we are both tired and trying to adjust.

Moving from a 5-room house to a 500+ square-foot apartment is a challenge. Factor in this is moving a 90-year collection. For example, my cowboy boots I wore during my teen years when my spare time was spent on horseback. They are still in the garage but I do plan to move them as a very strong memory of my high school years that ended when I left for college. They have hardened with age and are no good to anyone, but to me they are still precious.

Someone else can throw them away when it comes my time to depart for my final destination – the foot of the throne in heaven. I don’t really know what heaven is like but some things I do know: there is no pain, no sorrow, only joy and peace as we will bask in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Do you know Him? If so, give thanks. If not, why not meet Him right now?

There’s no question of “where is this?” Just open your heart’s door and invite Him in. Salvation is available and free.

By Helen Guilford