An upcoming move

By Helen Guilford

When I bought this property a little over six years ago, I knew I wouldn’t live here a long time since I was now really noticing each added birthday. I was renting at the time and with the economy the way it was the annual increase in rent was to be expected.

So I once again became a home owner.

Bebe, my Chihuahua mix, and I live alone now and as time progressed, I became aware that several people were concerned about that arrangement. Winter had been difficult and when I chose not to winter here again, I began the search for alternate housing.

Independent Living seemed like an optimal choice. I had been through this search a year ago when looking for suitable housing for the lady who was my roommate at the time, so part of the search work was already done.

I settled on a near-by Independent Living arrangement. If and when I need more care it offers the option of just moving to a different part of the community. Though at this time, I still enjoy mowing my own lawn, that is one of the niceties provided along with snow removal, as needed. As their representative was going over all the amenities, I asked about a burned out light bulb – yes, that is also included. The noon meal of the day is available for an added reasonable charge, though I would have a complete kitchen and could cook as I chose.

Anyway, you are probably getting the idea – I prayed about it and opted for this apartment with its indoor walking track, exercise room (exercise – what’s that) and swimming pool. Bebe can stay with me and I have an attached, shared garage. I can still come and go as I please.

Well, this past week before Sunday School class actually began, someone said they had heard a rumor I was moving and wanted details so I told them about my intent to be moved in mid- to late-September.

After morning services, quite a number of people slipped an arm around me and said, “You’re doing the right thing, Helen. I really believe that – you’re doing the right thing!” One niece went ecstatic when she learned I had rented the apartment. Though I knew a few people were concerned, I had no idea THAT many people really and truly cared.

It didn’t cost anybody a thing to tell me of their caring. Some are consistent in acknowledging their caring, others sort of stepped out of the woodwork, so to speak. That is typical of my loving, caring church family. I’ll still be close enough to regularly attend my own church.

I guess from the day I moved into the house I now have, in my heart, I knew this day was coming since I keep adding birthdays. Even though I am assured I am doing the right thing, it’s still a big move

My next big move after this one is already secured because when I was a teenager I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and He has gone ahead to prepare a place for me. Know Him and know that same assurance I have. God bless you, Friends.

By Helen Guilford