A quick response

By Helen Guilford

I went to bed last night wondering what I could write about today. Then came morning and God made it very clear.

I was up, washed, dressed and ready for the day. I just needed to comb my hair.

But when I came out of the bathroom, there was a large red light flashing through my window. Pulling back the curtain to get a better look, I found a rescue squad ambulance in all its glory in my drive.

WHAT? I’d better check.

As I made my way to the back door, I mentally replayed the morning. Then, I remembered that when I took my medical alert off charge this morning I had inadvertently put my thumb on the call button. OOPS! I quickly removed my thumb and felt sure it had been such an insignificant time, it had not summoned help.

Though most don’t know it, I have been wearing this Medical Guardian for four or five months because I had fallen several times. So, to appease those who worry about me, I got the unit and faithfully wear it by day and charge it by night.

It is supposed to detect falls or call for help if I have some other medical need.

The wearer simply has to press the alert button for three seconds and someone will respond verbally to verify the need. So, you see, there is a built-in answering system to screen calls such as mine this morning.

But, it didn’t work that way! There was no verbal response and the squad unit was at my house. I met them at them at the door.

“Are you okay? We had an alert call from you.”

I assured them I was alright and not in need of their services. By this time there were three paramedics at my door. Nice people! Caring people! One of the three recognized me. I reassured them again.

They went their way and I quickly comforted Bebe who was quite upset.

Later, I went over the event mentally. Why hadn’t the alert unit worked as it was supposed to? It would have saved an unneeded trip of the squad (with gas prices being so exorbitant).

Then, I realized the answer.

The verbal response probably did come through and I hadn’t heard it as I had not yet picked up my hearing aids. I do that as I leave my bedroom ready for the day. I can’t even hear my own voice without them.

Well, at least I won’t have to run my usual test in June! And I know the unit does work and the response is timely.

But there is Someone else ready and eager to help me – even before I fall or call – my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve known Him for many years and He never fails. Have you asked Jesus into your life?

By Helen Guilford