Anniversaries bring memories

By Helen Guilford

Anniversaries bring about memories – sometimes sweet and sometimes sad just depending on the significance of that particular date.

For example, early February is the anniversary of my beginning this volunteer job of writing a column for the local newspaper. It was a few weeks after my brother’s home-going and he had written a column for the paper for 24 years. At the time, I didn’t give a thought to the responsibility of writing every week. I had a couple of subjects already in mind, but my other brother, when I told him what I would be doing, said, “Huh! Where are you going to get something to write about every week?” Well, I didn’t know then and I still don’t know except that when I sit down with not a thought in mind, God leads. It’s really His column anyway and I am privileged to be His typist.

Early May is an anniversary for me just as Mother’s Day is for many of my friends. But my anniversary is not related to that day of significance. I was finishing a weekend study on preaching and was scheduled to present a short sermon in front of the class on May 10. However, as it worked out, I couldn’t meet that obligation because my closing on the property where I now live was scheduled for the same date.

I chose to meet the closing. I still didn’t get out of presenting the message though. The person in charge simply rescheduled that duty and I had to present my message before three people from the district office instead of the whole class. That was MUCH harder.

I moved in here a short time later and I don’t even remember that date. Moving with me was Kelly, my therapy dog. She just took it all in stride! If this was where her Mom chose to live, that was OK with her. She looked over the whole yard but always came back to her original choice of a place to be hers! Where? In the flower garden in front of the front porch.

I watched with interest. She would explore the rest of the yard “reading the morning’s newspaper” as we called it, but would always settle back in that exact same spot. I could try to re-train her to a different location or I could just her choose her own spot. Though Kelly is long gone to the Rainbow Bridge, that spot in the flower garden is still “hers”. And the anniversaries with her? They will never be forgotten.

The anniversary of my salvation? I don’t know. I was probably 12 or 13 years old. It was Sunday afternoon. I was quietly riding my saddle horse back toward the woods and was thinking on what the preacher had said that morning. “If you believe in Jesus, you are going to heaven.” Well, it struck me, I believed in Jesus so I was going to heaven.

I was happy and was fairly dancing in the saddle as I rode! The date doesn’t matter – only the truth that settled into my heart that day.

Though that truth which thrilled me that day was no doubt the result of my mother’s teaching, leading and living, I did not go immediately and tell her the news. I don’t know when or if I ever said to her, “Thanks for your life because it led me on the path to salvation.” Now, I understand I probably cheated her out of significant joy, but it never occurred to me at that time. It was a decision between me and my Savior.

Anniversaries – observe them, enjoy them. Think back to the time you recognized the value of your belief in Jesus and celebrate. If that experience has not yet been yours, there’s no better day or time than right now to ask Him into your heart.

By Helen Guilford