Sunday, a special day

By Helen Guilford

Sunday, a special day

Even though many years have passed since I was a child at home with my parents and brothers, habits and beliefs established then still carry over.

Sunday was not just another day. It was a day for church along with most of the community.

We were a farm family and some things were still done, of course. The cows still had to be milked. Chickens and other livestock had to be fed. Mostly, thanks to my mother, other work could wait a day. But if a piece of farm equipment was in need of repair before it could be used, occasionally, very rarely, that work might be done on a Sunday afternoon. If so, that was truly the exception.

Sunday afternoon presented time for a rare afternoon nap. It was also time for my oldest brother to practice his driving skills. Oh, not on the road, of course, but in the field. He would practice his use of the clutch, starting, stopping, turning – any move that might be required when he turned sixteen. Along with him for the afternoon ride? His two siblings just happy to be out for a drive. By the way, gas was NOT $4.00 a gallon, either.

But along with age, life brings changes to our routines.

Now, as you know, Bebe and I are alone and we have our own routine.

Sundays are still a day of rest. Get up a bit earlier than usual to be ready on time. There are the mandatory potty stops, breakfast for both of us, more potty stops. Make sure the hair is presentable (for me!), finally get our coats and be on our way.

Bebe really likes to go to church where she shares “star of the show” status with toddlers and is very aware that ladies’ purses could hold dog treats.

On one recent Sunday morning, I was ready to go and Bebe was enjoying an extra nap on the bed. I knew where she was and called her. Bebe, Bebe! No response. Bebe, Bebe! No response. Though I was sure she heard me, she continued her nap. Then I called, “Bebe! CHURCH!” She hit the floor and was at my side in a flash.

Then along came this past Sunday. The home where Marilynn now lives was hosting a tea party to recognize upcoming Mother’s Day. The party would not be the best place for a dog. So I left her home. She was not a happy camper! She seemed to know it was Sunday and we were supposed to go to church.

I redeemed myself somewhat when I took her along to the concert in late afternoon. During the social time following the concert, I caught her checking ladies’ purses setting on the floor while they filled their plates but, alas!, no treats were found.

Some of us need to be more like Bebe in our church attendance. No, we don’t need to check purses for treats but we need to be in attendance with the purpose of worshiping, learning and fellow-shipping with others who know and love our Savior. It is He who saved us and is worthy of our time and attention. Be sure you know Jesus.

By Helen Guilford