Training is going well

By Helen Guilford

Well, Bebe and I have passed our first anniversary. Yes, she’s been with me a full year now and her training seems to be going rather well – her training of me, that is! When I brought her home a year ago, I had a lot to learn.

First, came supper. The feeding bowl that would be hers, one I had for many years, had held full dog size kibble, had seen many dogs satisfied. Now, you have to remember Bebe is my first “little” dog. Anyway, it was supper time. I went to the storage container and got her some food – food I had left from my last “real” dog. She looked at those big chunks of kibble and then looked at me as though to say, “Where’s MY food? I can’t eat that big stuff.” So it was off to the store.

I came back with an assortment of choices mostly featuring packaged moist food. Though the texture was right, she didn’t like any of them and refused to eat. I talked to her vet who had also gone through a similar adjustment period when she inherited a chihuahua. She gave me a recipe for congee. It requires several hours of cooking of chicken breast and rice. So for the next months, I cooked about once a week for this little dog. I told you my training was going well.

All the while, I kept watch for a canned dog food she would eat. At long last, I found one she likes. This search brought in many cans which did not suit her, but those were never wasted as the neighborhood cat didn’t care they were for dogs!

She was housebroken when I brought her home so that is not an issue – any more! She only has an accident when she thinks I’ve been away too long and left her home alone. Truly the result is part of her training of me.

Though she can jump on the bed by herself, she pleads inability when I’m beside her waiting for the “butt boost” she knows is readily available.

Over the past many years, I have given my dog(s) a treat of cheese at the end of our breakfast time. Now, she has chosen to take the first little bite and hide it like wild animals do – as though she would always have that to come back to. I’ve discovered that’s only the first bite. After that, she eats her itty-bitty piece and looks for more.

Well, at the beginning, I told you she is doing well with her training — of me! Now, she is seven years old and I have also added a year. As in all relationships, I wonder what lies ahead.

But mostly, I look to what I’ve learned during this past year.

I find that I also am picky about my eating – at least when it comes to God’s Word. I like to read some parts of the Bible much better than others. I find myself dwelling on specific well-known passages of the Old Testament while other parts which also provide good feeding are left to languish because they are not used as frequently. I am much more familiar with the New Testament.

When I get to heaven, will that make a difference? The only thing that will really matter is if I have asked Jesus to forgive my sins and wash them away in His blood. Have you made that decision?

By Helen Guilford