Thump! Thump!

By Helen Guilford

It was a nice morning, not too different from today. Bebe and I were in the computer room – it was a Tuesday and I was writing my column. We were the only ones in the house. In fact, as far as I knew, we were the only ones on the property.

My thoughts were occupied. Who knows what I was thinking about? But if I was, in fact, writing my column, then I could have been anywhere in my mind just depending on what I was writing about.

I heard a distinct “thump!” And it seemed to come from inside the house. I listened. It repeated. I listened again. It repeated again.

Now, understand it had to be a significant thump for me to even hear it. But I DID hear it and after several loud “thumps” decided I should look around

I went to the front door – nothing there. The same at the back door. Windows? Same result.

Satisfied there was no one else on the property, I returned to the job at hand only to be interrupted again with a “thump”. My mind had been working on this in the meantime. One man who had done some work in the crawl space had said he would return to add some insulation. He could drive in and not be heard and had access to the space he needed. Maybe that was the answer.

So I put on my coat and went outside to see if I could find anything unusual.

No vehicles and the crawl space was closed. Then as I started back to the door, the sump pump kicked in and poured its findings on the back yard. That startled me but I knew that happened from time to time.

Back to my task at the computer.

I just gotten settled, hands on the keyboard when I heard it – THUMP … THUMP! I looked up at the window just in time to witness the next thump.

Well, “spring has sprung, the grass has riz,” but I don’t have to “wonder where the birdies is!”

The thumping sound was being made by a female cardinal courting that one she kept seeing reflected in the window. Even as I write this little story a couple of weeks later, she is busy thumping on my window and alternating with other windows. Hopefully, she will find a suitable mate before she hurts herself.

It just makes me think we humans are not so much different.

We become fixated on whatever is in our line of vision or interest and find it difficult to change! We repeat useless activities like my second attempt to locate the source of those disturbing thumps.

What we truly need to do is turn our eyes upon Jesus. Let Him deal with the thumps in our lives. He takes those thumps (sins) and washes them away in His own blood shed on the cross of Calvary for you and me.

Remember that – Jesus died for you and me! He died, yet He lives! If you have not yet taken Him into your heart, do it now on Resurrection Day (Easter Sunday) and be assured of your place in heaven being reserved for you.

Have a Happy Easter!

By Helen Guilford