Would you like my recipe?

By Helen Guilford

Quite some time ago, maybe even two years, I was visiting with a business friend who was lamenting their kitchen being unusable because they were having it completely remodeled. From his description, it sounded like not much in the kitchen could be used except maybe the refrigerator and the coffee pot. They anticipated the finished product but it seemed it was taking way too long to arrive at that destination.

He was very tired of eating out all the time and was craving his wife’s cooking. The thing he seemed to miss most on this particular day was …

I expected him to describe a particular meal or entree that she put a special twist on that made it better than when anybody else prepared it, probably a particular casserole or the special flavors and seasonings she used on steak, or maybe a roast.

Could I have been more wrong? Since he is financially better off than I am, I smiled and chuckled to myself when he named it – hamburger gravy! Those are the kinds of things I get hungry for, too. It’s not the well prepared and seasoned to taste dinner for company that I would crave either. No, hamburger gravy is just my style.

Since I’ve been living alone this time and with “senior citizen” being the name of the game I’ve discovered all sorts of prepared meals. There are frozen dinners, or frozen entrees that are completed with a salad (also already prepared), canned meals, just add water and zap meals – well, yes, I told you all kinds. It seems too much trouble to cook for one person with all these possibilities.

But that’s been several months now and I’m ready to cook for myself a little bit. So, when I was in the grocery store, I checked the ground beef. I found it a bit pricey but could stretch one small package to cover several meals.

So I set about preparing my meal … you guessed it – hamburger gravy. The potatoes were boiling and the crumbled hamburger with a bit of onion was frying. Time to make the thickening for the gravy.

As I reached for the bowl, I thought, “Oops, I think I used the last of the corn starch. Oh, well, flour will do.” Yes, that’s true but I remembered looking for flour recently and found none.

What now? I drained the now nicely cooked potatoes and poured them into the pan with the meat. My hamburger gravy turned out to have no gravy! But it was still good. I’ll pick up the missing ingredients before I make “gravy” again.

A lot of things we do get do-overs but when it comes to eternal life, that’s a different story. We have to make that choice while there’s still time so why not make that choice right now? Just ask Jesus to come into your heart.

By Helen Guilford