God bless you

By Helen Guilford

My living alone now is very different from when I have lived alone previously. I guess the basic difference is that I’m a few years older now and I have friends and family who worry about me. Last fall with winter approaching, they began encouraging me to seek some other living arrangement. I didn’t do that but I did make some changes.

I stopped making those quick trips outside without a coat. If I fell I would need the warmth of the coat because, you see, I am now of that “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” portion of the population.

Since that was the case, I purchased a monitor that I understood would alert someone somewhere if I fell, no matter where I was.

Well, the monitor arrived. I charged it and began wearing it. Sure enough, I fell! The unit did not sound the alarm. That happened twice. I called the company.

Their response? The unit I got did not detect falls! “Well, I understood it did. That’s way I bought the darned thing!”

Second fall – I was outdoors. “Did you have your ____with you?” I don’t know what they called it but it was something other than the wearable unit. Of course, I didn’t. It was supposed to work wherever I was. “No, you have to take this item when you go outside”

This was obviously not what I thought I was buying. When I told them I would send it back at once, they came up with a plan. They would send the unit that would do those things I had expected. There would be a shipping label with it for return convenience.

It came. I opened it, charged the unit and began wearing it. Notice, I did not read all the directions. Later, MUCH later, I did read it thoroughly and found I had 14 days to make the return or there would be a rather substantial fee! This had probably been a month.

Then I dropped into my worrying mode. That was easier than making the dreaded phone call.

Eventually I did make the phone call. The lady who took my call was helpful, gracious and very accommodating with regard to my challenge to use the phone due to hearing loss. She assured me the fee would not be applied if I sent it back right away.

As we finished our conversation, I thanked her for being so helpful and gracious. I added, “God bless you.” That usually gets no response with strangers.

This lady said “and you as well.”

It was such a little thing! But it made my day as I hope it also made hers!

We don’t have to make a big show of sharing our Lord and Savior. Sometimes a simple “God bless you” expresses encouragement to another person who really needs it that day. Of course, there are other times when we need to truly share the way of salvation – simply believing in Jesus Christ and inviting Him into your heart. There’s no better time than right now.

By Helen Guilford