There’s still room in heaven

By Helen Guilford

Nearly six years ago, I bought this property. I moved in on a Saturday and on the following Monday or Tuesday, the lady who had lived with me as a roommate for many years moved in as well.

As with any new habitation, there was much to learn. I soon discovered I could spread table scraps under the pine tree at the far end of the house and in the morning they would be gone. This went on for several months and I never saw the animal that took care of that duty.

Then at long last, I caught a brief sighting of a cat. The cat was content with the status quo – waiting until the edge of dark to come to the tree for his handout.

I told my cat-loving roommate about the arrangement and, after that, I seldom had scraps to put on the Pine Tree Cat Buffet because she began putting them on the deck. In due time, a second cat arrived.

More time lapse. I hadn’t seen the second cat, smaller and prettier, for a while. Then, not quite a year ago, as I was coming in the back door one day, a young kitten snuggled up to Cat #2. Wait! Is that a second kitten?

As it turned out, Tommy, the original cat, and Tippy, Cat #2, had a family of three. Again the edict – these kittens, now habitual visitors (and beggars!) on the deck, must NEVER be allowed in the house. There was verbal agreement but they did slip in when the door was open. To my knowledge, they stayed only long enough to be caught and returned to their outdoor kingdom. They never did become pets.

In late fall, I made arrangements to have the kittens trapped, neutered and returned so at least they would not produce more of their kind. This was through the Humane Society and, due to their having to concentrate on moving, that T-N-R date never happened.

Along came winter. As it got colder, I noticed I no longer saw Tippy and her brood regularly. She and one kitten would disappear and not be seen for several days, then several weeks. Oh! Maybe they’ve found a new home. Then, they would come for a meal and disappear again. This went on for a while and the second kitten disappeared with them. Now, weeks after that, the third kitten is gone.

Unless they found some other soft touch who puts out food regularly, I have no idea where they have taken up residence.

Tommy, the original scavenger, is still here and seems to call this home. And last night, as I went to the computer after nightfall, I heard a cat call outside the window. Now, what? I like cats but I can’t afford to keep that many and I surely don’t want that whole family to claim my home as theirs.

Bebe and Tommy have become best friends and each goes to look for the other first thing every day. Every time they meet, they are nose to nose. That’s good. They need friends, too.

Unlike my house lacking accommodations, heaven is still open to new friends. Jesus said He would go and prepare a place for us so we can spend eternity with Him. Just be sure to open your heart door for Him to enter. He will wash you clean in His shed blood and welcome you into His eternal loving presence. Then I’ll find you when I search heaven for you.

By Helen Guilford