Where’s the sound?

It was a recent Sunday morning. I had gotten up a little earlier than usual and things were off to a good start for the day.

Shower and shampoo? Check.

Dressed for church? Check.

Short trip outside with Bebe? Check.

Supper fixed for Bebe? Check. (She eats “supper” three times a day.)

TV turned on for early news? Check.

Time for me now.

I fixed my usual breakfast of toast and coffee and sat down in my recliner knowing things were lining up well for the service ahead. I was in charge of the service that day, including the message. With the day looking manageable, I was not overly concerned but was glad I would have ample time to go over the sermon another time.

Then I wondered why there was no sound coming from the TV. It was working well last night when I turned it off. Why not now?

I adjusted the volume setting and pushed the mute button on the remote. That didn’t help.

I ran through all the channels. No sound on any channel.

Try the mute again. Nothing. Try other channels again. No help.

Well, as is usual for me, I realized there was no help for the problem until the next day. If my TV or computer has a problem, it is usually on the weekend. So that part was to be expected.

I settled in comfort in my chair and began to tell Bebe all about it. Then, when talking to her, I realized I didn’t hear that either. I’ve long known I can’t hear myself speak without my hearing aids and putting them on is part of my morning routine but this morning, with everything falling into place so nicely, somehow I had forgotten them!

I got the aids, put them on, and suddenly there was volume on the TV! Voila! Not only had I solved the problem of talking with Bebe, but I had repaired the TV! I had gone from retiree to TV repairman in one easy walk to the bedroom!

I had to laugh at myself. I imagine Bebe laughed as well!

These aids have been such a vital part of my life for so many years, it’s automatic to put them on before leaving the bedroom. I guess something went awry with my automatics that day.

Anyway, I gave thanks to my God and truly rejoiced.

Ever since I’ve been dependent on hearing aids, I’ve said I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love what they can do for me but I hate being dependent on them.

I have a deeply embedded relationship with my God and Savior, too, but this in only a love relationship. No hate involved here. As soon as I take my sins to Him, He washes my life clean through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for me. (Oh, and for you, too.) If you don’t know Him, just pray this prayer, “Jesus, I’m a sinner. I believe You died for me. Come into my heart.”

Having done that, REJOICE! He gives you salvation, full and free.