God does answer prayer

God definitely answers prayer.

Months ago, maybe as much as a year, I refused to take a medication prescribed by my oncologist because it required a blood analysis in conjunction with the administration. The medication was administered by injection but that was not my complaint. No, it was the blood draw that bothered me.

I learned there was an alternative that did not require the blood work, so I switched over. Now, as with many things, there were trade-offs about the different medications but no blood draw got my attention.

The six month appointment came up and, guess what? So did an order for blood work.

I questioned that and was told, this was something different. Well, hey! A blood draw is a blood draw. Right?

Someone asked why I was so adamant about that. “Because,” I answered, “they send someone to do it and they try four or five times unsuccessfully before giving up and calling someone else who takes another four or five tries before, finally, getting a hit. And it hurts!”

It reminded me of the time I was doing my clinicals required for paramedic training. Working along side a young clinician, I was appalled when she stuck her elderly patient, who was barely more than skin and bones, four times without getting a vein. I felt so sorry for the patient I finally asked to be allowed to try. Call it beginner’s luck or whatever you wish, but I found the vein on the first try. You see, even then, I knew how much those fruitless sticks hurt.

Anyway, as I was driving to the lab a few days ago and dreading the ordeal I knew lay ahead, I prayed, “Lord, please just give me a technician that can hit a vein in one try. Thank you!”

I arrived, sat down in the designated cubicle and the work began. She got out her paraphernalia, put on the tourniquet and wielded the syringe before me.

A short time later, she asked if I wanted a band-aid or a wrap. “What? You’re done?” She showed me the two vials of blood she had drawn, put on the band-aid and told me I was finished. She received my big thank you with barely a thought and I was on my way home.

No ill feelings. No pain!

I was shocked! I hadn’t even felt the needle stick! I couldn’t believe it.

Then, I thought, “Oh! The result of the prayer I offered during my drive in!”

Another proof of the children’s chorus, “God answers prayer in the morning, God answers prayer at noon. God answers prayer in the evening, so keep your heart in tune.”

If you have never prayed for salvation, do so right now. God is ready, even eagerly waiting, to hear and answer your prayer.