Expanding horizons

By Helen Guilford

During these past two years, we, as a nation and even as a world, have lived on the edge of change. Industries that we perceived to be “forevers” like some auto manufacturers were shut down and retrofitted to accomplish some other purpose related to fighting the pandemic.

Did you ever stop to wonder how our nation (and probably others as well) could go from a lack, a need, to being fully supplied? Take ventilators for example. What was there about the auto industry that made anyone think they could begin building ventilators instead of cars and trucks in any time frame that would be helpful? And yet, they did!

A recent visit with a nephew shed some light on these dark corners. He has his doctorate degree (in what I’m unsure) and is an associate dean of something or other at the University of Virginia. He told me “they” asked if he could make swabs. (COVID related, of course.)

Swabs are such small things. Yet there was a great need for them. He took himself off to his lab/work area and developed a process that would accomplish the task and he was soon making 110 swabs in a day. With the process in place, he said “we” made over 7,000 swabs.

The supply now met the immediate need. Again, “they” asked of him, “Can you make masks?” Back to the lab. The associate dean turned problem solver and another need was met.

It probably all goes back to a few years ago when this same young man developed a tool to be used in certain surgical situations that allowed the surgeon to accomplish his goal through the circulatory system without opening the body. That could well have laid the basic foundation for these more recent developments of swabs and masks. Someone was watching and remembered.

I would have looked for an existing company I thought could accomplish the project – not a prof /dean in a university. I wonder how much each of us could accomplish if we were challenged.

Then, there are those of us who claim to be burdened with reaching others for Christ! What do we do about that? Do we talk to them about Jesus? Or do we think there will be a better time if we wait? Remember, we are not promised tomorrow.

If friends, neighbors, acquaintances and family don’t know Him, then our waiting for a better time could mean the difference in where that individual will spend eternity. It’s best to speak up for Christ when you can.

We must invite Him into our hearts if we want to spend eternity with him. It doesn’t have to be in a church setting or with a pastor present. This is a personal decision you can make wherever you are right now. In an attitude of prayer, just invite Jesus into your heart. Be saved today.

CAUTION: If you are driving, don’t assume what you consider to be the position of prayer. Closing your eyes and bowing your head would be totally inappropriate. Just address Jesus and offer Him residence in your heart.

By Helen Guilford