Quirks of the Wobble Room

By Helen Guilford

When Mom and Dad were looking toward retirement, they went house shopping. Since they had worked in a live-in situation for 24 years, they had no real estate of their own.

I thought they would find a ranch-style home, probably in a country setting, flat on the ground – easily accessible for wheel chair, walker or cane if and when needed. What they really purchased, however, was an older two-story house in town.

It was a typical older home. When I came home, it was “home” to me because by then I lived in another state and this was my parents’ home. There were things I never questioned. Looking back, I wonder about a lot of those things that were just minor at the time.

Before the long-awaited day of actually occupying the house, certain upgrades were required and accomplished.

When the day of retirement came, their personal property came out of storage and became the skeleton of their new life. After 24 years, many things they remembered having were no longer to be found. They had looked ahead and already replaced some of those things.

I don’t remember being part of the moving crew. I was teaching in Kentucky at the time and I probably was not available. But, anyway, this was now “home” when I came back to Mom and Dad’s.

Now, as most older houses do, this one, too, had its quirks. The most memorable to me was the third upstairs bedroom. The two front bedrooms were furnished and used, but that third upstairs room was simply used as storage. There was even open shelving built on two walls to accommodate more boxes of “stuff” that always appear during a household move. I don’t know if the shelves were there when Dad bought the house or if that was one of the upgrades, but, to me, they were always there and were always loaded. Excellent storage space!

However it was soon discovered the floor in that room was not very even and anything in that room was subject to being unsteady, subject to wobbling. I suppose the nearness of the railroad track also contributed to that but we soon learned to store things safely.

The room earned its name, the “Wobble Room”, because it did just that – it wobbled. Say the term, Wobble Room, around any member of the family, now generations later, and you will get a knowing smile.

But the other day, my nephew came by to help me with a computer problem. I showed him where it was and he asked if this was my computer room. I replied, “Yes, among other things.”

Later, I smiled as I noted this is my Wobble Room. Anything that doesn’t have a home, gets put there. No, it doesn’t wobble, but it does provide storage.

I looked at the small bookcase near my bed – aha! More Wobble Room stuff !

Now, I’ve shared some of my own quirks and you’ve smiled but what about your own?

I’ll bet you have your own Wobble Room. I’m not saying that’s bad, only that it’s true.

But like me, maybe you need to check our your life priorities. Be sure you’re giving your heart and mind enough spiritual attention. Don’t let important things like loving Jesus and living for Him get stuffed into the Wobble Room and forgotten. Put Him first. Love Him. Live for Him. And always remember – He died for you!

Is it time to clean out the Wobble Room of your heart?

By Helen Guilford