Happy new year

By Helen Guilford

Here we are at the end of another year! As we think back from day to day, we evaluate each as a good day, a bad day or somewhere in between depending on what transpired during that time period. Now mentally stack up those 365 days and what is your evaluation of the year – good, bad or indifferent?

Oh, there have no doubt been times you would not want to live through again, but by the same token, there have been days you would gladly revisit.

That evaluation of the year past seems to be an integral part of this end of the year just as much as the anticipation of the new year. As we take down the old calendar and hang the new one, we’re almost forced to look back and ahead.

Each and every week I have sat down, usually on Tuesday morning, to write a column. Just as surely, each and every week, after the column is written, reread, edited and finally sent via email to the newspaper, I have found myself rethinking that column. It usually goes something like this: oh, that would have been a good point. But there’s no do-over at that point. Then when it bugs me enough, I go back and reread what I submitted and find the thought to be there just in other words.

In those times when I question myself, I often think of my oldest brother who wrote a similar column for the paper for 24 years and wonder how he did it. If I want to change something, it is really quite simple, but when he was writing, computers were not so advanced. I say that carefully because my computer is not top-of-the-line either. But that’s okay! Neither is its operator!

When he wanted to save his completed column, he somehow did it on a tape recorder. I would have given up. But he had the patience and know-how to do that.

How did you fare health-wise in this second year of COVID-19 with its new variants? Or is your evaluation of the past year connected to family issues? Employment issues? How often my thoughts reached out to our teachers! Many are older and had to learn electronic means of reaching their charges! At the beginning of the pandemic (I didn’t even know that word!), I often said if I were still teaching I would be forced to retire.

Well, the other side of this end of year stuff, is looking to the future – as yet unknown and unexplored. We plan ahead – perhaps more tentatively than we used to. Look at the thousands who thought it safe to travel for the Christmas holiday and are now struggling to find transportation home in time for their next scheduled work day.

Our human plans change but if we trust in Jesus, He is able, ready, even eager, to work out all the details regarding our lives. Oh, we may not see it from this vantage point, but continue to trust in Him who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He has all our days planned and doesn’t really require our input about how it should go.

Put your faith in Him. Seek His leading and watch Him work in your behalf. He may surprise you with what He has planned.


By Helen Guilford