God said ‘no’

Know what I really enjoy about writing these weekly columns? The times when a column is just burning in my heart to be written. That makes it SO easy! But, not so this week. Everything seems quite ordinary (even in the kitchen department) so, I begged God for inspiration. Here it is.

Sometime this spring, the yen hit me to own my own property again. So, I began mentally figuring if I could actually do that from a financial standpoint. Well, it might be a bit tighter than I was comfortable with but I thought I could squeak by. So, I began looking.

Topping off my interest was a friend who had also been renting for about the same length of time and was purchasing a home. Why couldn’t I?

I found a place I really liked. I liked the appearance; the location was great – in a manufactured home park, but at the end of a cul-de-sac which provided more room for Kelly without close neighbors on every side. I took the virtual tour on the internet.

Then, as I drove home from our Monday therapy session in Oregon, I prayed about it. “Lord, if this is not right, make it very plain to me.” Plain? I guess so! I stepped into the office, expressed my interest and was told the buyers for that particular place were signing the papers as we spoke.

But there were others available. I kept looking and even walked through a couple of homes. While I was at annual conference for a few days, I received a voice mail telling me one of those had also been sold.

I also discussed my dreams with other friends. One question asked was, “Helen, why do you want to buy a place?” My answer? “I really don’t know.” Here was a red flag.

We arrived home from conference in a storm which caused some damage to my friend’s newly acquired home. Wasn’t this one of those home-owner surprises I wanted to be free from? Another red flag!

Still, with God having said a resounding “No!” twice and also running up two red flags, I was not about to be deterred. There was still that other house I had walked through and talked with the owner. It was really nice! A bit pricey, I thought, but nice! I determined an offering price and called her cell phone.

We exchanged pleasantries and then I made my offer.

“Oh, no! I couldn’t do that! I’ve already been offered more than that!” Not even a counter offer, which I had truly expected. Hey! Doesn’t she understand how this game is played?

Finally, God got through to me! He saw to selling two homes right out from under my nose; He had my friends give me negative input; He let a storm speak for Him. Then, he arranged a resounding no on an outright offer.

I’ve told you before, I’m sure, when God really wants my attention, He often speaks three times. Maybe I’m slow to listen, slow to pay attention – but, more likely, slow to give up my own desires and give in to His leading. “Give up and give in” might be a good motto.

Now, if you’re one of those people who hears and heeds the first time He speaks, I’m sincerely happy for you. That has to relieve some stress. Of course, the flip side of that coin is the fact He uses three contacts gives me certainty about His leading.

Ever since I gave my heart to Jesus, I’ve struggled from time to time with His leading. Have you? If He is also your Lord and Savior, He is speaking to you. Listen! Or course, He may be saying “NO” when you want to hear, “Yes, go ahead!” My advice? “Give up and give in.”